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11/20/11 > November 2011
4/12/11 > DLEA April Minutes
DLEA Meeting Minutes April 12th, 2011
The meeting was called to order by President McLaurin at Sweetwater Elementary at 4:15 p.m. Eleven members were present.
Minutes from the last meeting were passed out to the membership. Courtney Mundahl moved to approve the minutes; seconded by (nobody). A voice vote was taken; motion passed.
Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Nick Kavli was not present for the meeting so President McLaurin gave the treasurer’s report.
•Clocks for Retirees ($310.30)
•Gerrell’s ($18.52)
•Collaborative Bargainers $1,800.00 (3 @ $600.00)
•Reimbursement for those who attended the RA

The current balance for the checking account (Citizen’s Community Credit Union) is $2,663.55. The money market at Gate City Savings Bank has $5,128.00.
Veronica Nickla introduced herself to members present at the meeting. Veronica wanted to make DLEA aware that she is running for the school board and provided information about herself since many people do not know her (she’s only been here for two years).
Veronica has three children and her husband is a minister. She has a degree in architecture and is employed by Metro Plains. She said that a member of UAW convinced her into running for the school board, citing the fact that the board needed a female voice/point of view. Veronica said that her purpose for running is not to ‘change the world,’ but to serve the community and lend a helping hand. She stated that she would take each issue as it comes up and try to find equity. Veronica has been in four different school districts. Her first impression of Devils Lake schools is that there are no AP classes. She admitted that dual credit serves the same purpose (as AP classes) but it costs more. She went on to say that AP classes look good on college applications. She finished by asking for questions.

Building Reports
Sweetwater (Jody Lagasse)
•Advanced Ed. visitation next week
•Spring concert coming up

Prairie View
•Music Program Tuesday, April 12, 2011
Minnie H (Kathy Lovseth)
•Just finished Advanced Ed. Visitation.
•Making homemade instruments

•All three Elementary schools: Artist in Residence

Central Middle School (John McLaurin and Courtney Mundahl)

•Activity Nights—kids played basketball and dodge ball.
•Track and Golf have started.
•MAP testing will take place soon.
•Mid-terms in a couple of weeks or sooner
•Winding down the school year…
Devils Lake High School (Michelle DeFoe)

•Advanced Ed. Visitation occurred last week; recommendation from visiting team was to award accreditation.
•Speech team took 1st place in the EDC for the fourth consecutive year.
•Students are preparing for music competition—band, chorus, and orchestra
•Spring sports are in full swing.
•Students have registered for next year.
•Super test day on April 27th followed by Service Learning in the afternoon.
•Art students have been successful.
•Math team did well competitively, placing 4th overall in the state.
•Newspaper and Yearbook students once again brought home dozens of individual and group awards.
•Prom coming up

Lake Area Career and Technology Center (Marilyn Tong and Sherry Boehmer)

•The Restaurant is open; called the Bird’s Nest (Firebirds theme)
•Open house for preschool from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 Wednesday
•FBLA: team received the Gold Award; one student took 3rd in state and is now eligible for national competition.
•Skills USA had 13 students qualify for national competition. The construction team took 1st in the state.


Collaborative Bargaining
John McLaurin reported that non-monetary issues have been dealt with during initial CB sessions. Money hasn’t been talked about yet due to the legislature still in session. He stated that

with a substantial hike in both TFFR and BCBS, there wouldn’t be as much money to work with for the salary schedule. (TFFR and BCBS increase will eat up a great deal of funding.)
The school board would like to finish by May 1st so that contracts can be issued. DLEA and the school board have agreed to a two-year contract. Other items that have been agree to include:

√Beginning with the 2011-2012 school year, staff will be able to accumulate up to seven personal days rather than five. No more than five consecutive personal days may be taken at one time, however.

√Wording regarding storm days will be changed slightly giving the superintendent and/or school board the discretion as to when to use unused storm days.

√Next CB meeting: Wednesday, April 20th at 7:00 a.m. at the Sports Center Administrative Offices. All members are encouraged to attend CB meetings.

School Board Candidate Forum

~In the past DLEA has interviewed school board candidates (forum). Since several (seven) individuals are running for the school board, it was suggested that we host a candidate forum again. The forum will take place at the May meeting (in the high school library) following the honoring of retirees.


•Nick Kavli will be Treasurer again
•No one volunteered to take any other position. President McLaurin stated that the only response he had received regarding holding office was one email from an individual stating that he/she did not wish to run for office.

~Jodi Lagasse then broached the question:
“ Do we want to pay dues for people to encourage them to run?”(for DLEA offices)
Discussion than ensued regarding this question. Others schools do this. Following discussion, Jodi Lagasse proposed the following motion: “I move to pay the full NEA/NDEA/DLEA dues of the DLEA President and DLEA (local) dues of the three other offices. “ Kristi Bommersbach seconded the motion. A voice vote was taken. Motion passed.

~After the passing of the above motion, a few individuals present at the meeting volunteered to take office for 2011-2012. Those volunteering were the following:
President: Tyler Knutson
Vice-President: Kathy Lovseth
Secretary: Courtney Mundahl

~Jody Lagasse made the following motion: “I move to pay the full NEA/NDEA/DLEA dues for the office of President and the local (DLEA) dues for the offices of vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. Marilyn Tong seconded the motion. A voice vote was taken; motion passed.

DLEA officers for 2011-2012 are the following:

Tyler Knutson: President
Kathy Lovseth: Vice President
Courtney Mundahl: Secretary
Nick Kavli: Treasurer

√Representative Assembly (RA): No report available (Added later Smiley NDEA and NDPEA (North Dakota Public Employee Association) voted to authorize the unity team to draft new language for a newly merged organization to be voted on later.

√Voting for State Officers
~Packets were distributed for each school; school representatives will pass out ballots to DLEA members and collect the ballots. Packets should be returned before Easter break and sent via school mail.

Relay for Life

~Jody Lagasse announced that the Relay for Life team would be sponsoring a fundraiser on Monday, April 18th, at 7:00 p.m. at the Sweetwater Gym. The fundraiser is “Minute to Win it” (based on the television game show). The fundraiser will feature five DLPS staff members versus five students. Admission cost is $1.00.
Golf Tournament
~Due to the wet conditions of the golf course, it was decided that it would be better to have the golf tournament next fall rather than this spring.
~The next meeting will be held on May 10th at 4:15 p.m. at the high school library. Retirees will be honored at this meeting. . Kathy will send invitations to our five retirees. Clocks and cake have both been ordered.
~Following the retiree celebration, at approximately 4:45 p.m., a candidate forum will take place (candidates running for the upcoming school board election in June). All DLEA members and non-members are encouraged to attend. Kathy will send invitations to our five retirees.

~Jodi Lagasse moved to adjourn the meeting; seconded by Kristi Bommersbach. Motion passed. The meeting was adjourned at 4:50 p.m.
3/08/11 > DLEA March Minutes
DLEA Meeting Minutes March 8th, 2011
The meeting was called to order by President McLaurin at Central Middle School at 4:15 p.m. Sixteen members were present.
Minutes from the last meeting were passed out to the membership. Jeanne Aasand moved to approve the minutes; seconded by Kathy Lovseth. A voice vote was taken; motion passed.
Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Nick Kavli reported that all NEA dues would be paid in full in April. Once the dues are paid, there should be approximately $2,000.00 in the checking account.
Bills paid included one for candy. Monies received included ticket sales for Relay for Life. It was also decided that DLEA should once again sponsor a Relay for Life team.
Upcoming bills include retiree clocks. Kathy Lovseth will purchase these. The collaborative bargaining team (including the recorder) will also receive compensation once bargaining has ended.
Building Reports
Sweetwater (Jodi Lagasse and Kathy Lovseth)
•March is reading month.
•Community readers will be coming to the school on Tuesday, March 8th, 2011.
•Karen Hunt was named certified employee of the quarter.
•The PTO will sponsor a book fair.

Prairie View (Kathy Lovseth)
•March is reading month.

Minnie H (Maari Hanson)
•NCA visitation will take place soon.
•Math day on March 9th.

Central Middle School
•5th and 6th graders participated in SFA visits.
•Literature night for 5th and 6th graders will take place the week of March 14th.
•Students participated in the spelling bee.
•In the ‘Math Counts’ competition, one CMS student placed 16th out of 160 students. Overall, CMS placed in the upper 30%.
•The Kiwanis group toured the school.
•Cultural day was held in February.
•Many teachers are working with digital storytelling.
•Marketplace for Kids (coming up)
•SCRUBBS (health profession day) (coming up)

Devils Lake High School

•Dr. Stotz named Teacher of the Quarter
•Winter sports have finished; track is up and running; baseball starts in two weeks
•Speech and music competitions
•Advanced Ed. Visitation will occur April 6th and 7th.
•ACT test will be held within the next few weeks.
•Students are registering for classes for next year.

Lake Area Career and Technology Center (LACTC) (Sherry Boehmer and Marilyn Tong)
•Students from Warwick and Minnewauken have/will be touring LACTC to determine if they wish to enroll in classes/programs.

All Schools
•Spring break is Friday, March 11th.
•Parent-teacher conferences will occur the week of March 21st.

√Legislative update
•HB1134 that deals with TFFR was (apparently) amended in committee. The bill, as amended, prevents school districts from paying the teacher contribution of the new TFFR increase (4%). If HB1134 passes in the Senate, school districts may continue to pay both shares of TFFR (as many have previously done), but they may not pay both shares of the increase. HB1134 passed in the ND House 92 to 2. This bill has not passed in the Senate yet. It is important to keep an eye on what happens with this bill.

√Collaborative Bargaining

•CB will start after the Legislature is done.
•A couple of extra meetings will be scheduled before Collaborative Bargaining starts to look at problem statements/items to be brought up in CB.
•It has not yet been determined if CB will be done for the next school year or the next two school years. The last two CB sessions involved bargaining for two years.


•DLEA Elections will take place in April.
•Nick Kavli will serve as treasurer again.
•John McLaurin will not be running for President again as he may not be here next year.
•Michelle DeFoe will not be running for secretary as she is taking a year’s leave of absence.

√Representative Assembly (RA)

•Three DLEA members may attend the RA in Bismarck on April 9th. Those who have attended in the past have found the RA to be very interesting and informative. If interested in attending, please contact President McLaurin.

√Non-negotiable items
•President McLaurin will speak to Dr. Swiontek about non-negotiable items separate from collaborative bargaining items.
•DLEA received a thank-you card from Emily Aasand for the scholarship she received last spring from DLEA.
•New scholarship applications for this spring should be coming in soon. One scholarship is awarded to a high school student and another to a college student.
•DLEA retirees (to be honored at the May meeting) include Brad Thompson,
Donna Johnson, Duane Strand, Marilyn Tong, and Sharon Cline.

√Alternative Compensation
•Talk about alternative compensation has died down at the present time (possibly due to lack of legislative dollars?)
√Relay for Life
•Jeanne Aasand reminded members that all are welcome to join the Relay for Life team sponsored by DLEA. Team members do not have to be DLEA members. Team members will again sell luminaries to raise money for Relay for Life.

The next meeting will be held on April 12th at 4:15 p.m. in room 115 at Sweetwater. Elections for officers will be held.
The May meeting to honor our retirees will be held on Tuesday, May 11th at 4:15 p.m. at the High School library.

Courtney Mundahl moved to adjourn the meeting; seconded by Jeanne Aasand. Motion passed.
3/03/11 > DLEA February Minutes
DLEA Minutes
Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

President McLaurin called the meeting to order at 4:15 p.m. in room 108 at Minnie H Elementary School. 15 members (including officers) were present.
Copies of the secretary’s minutes from the January meeting were made available to the membership. Maari Hanson made a motion to approve the minutes. Kathy Lovseth seconded the motion. The motion was approved.
Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Nick Kavli provided copies of the Treasurer’s report. In addition to the written report, Kavli stated, “Money came in; money went out.”
The written report provided the following information regarding the financial status of DLEA.
The checking Account at Citizen’s Community Credit Union had a beginning amount of $279.95. After dues collection and dues payment (to NDEA), the ending balance remains the same--$279.95.
The Money Market account at Gate City Savings Bank has a balance of $5,196.04.
Building Reports
School and Reporter Activities
Minnie H (Maari Hanson) •Minnie H has hosted a variety of family events including inviting kindergarten families in for reading.
•Trainers will be coming to the school for SFA training.
Prairie View (Kristi Boomersbach) •NAEP (4th grade tests) was done on February 8th.
•Jennifer Schroeder started a drama club for students.

(Jody Lagasse) •NAEP (4th grade tests) will take place on February 9th.
•The school hosted a school talent show.

Central Middle School
Jeanne Aasand •Students are finishing up MAP testing.
•NAEP tests were taken by 8th graders.
•A cultural day will be held on February 11th.
•The new music teacher (Tyler Harris) is now certified.
•The speech team (grades 7-8) has been very successful this year.
•Training for digital storytelling is being held for teachers. Some teachers have already begun to use their I Pads for Digital Storytelling in their classes.
•Eighth graders will be touring the LACTC on February 11th.
•An after school drama club is available for students.

Devils Lake High School
(Michelle DeFoe) •The speech team will host a speech tournament on Saturday, February 12th. 24 schools are currently registered for the tournament. The speech team has once again has a very successful season.
•MAP testing has been completed.
•Regional tournaments for sports teams’ will be beginning shortly.
•The high school will once again host Class B District Basketball tournaments.
•One teacher will retire at the end of the year (Special Education teacher Brad Thompson)
Lake Area Career and Technical Center
(Marilyn Tong) •LACTC is hosting ‘Career and Tech’ week with different schools invited.
•8th grade visitation will occur soon.
•Valentine treats are being sold as a fundraiser.
•The preschool is up and running.

Other Business
Legislative Updates
Michelle DeFoe read an email from Vice-President Nancy Conkins (unable to attend meeting) regarding two bills in the ND House, both of which deal with the Teacher’s Retirement Fund. VP Conkins recommended that all DLEA members contact their elected officials regarding both TFFR bills. VP Conkins wrote in her email that House Bill #1258, introduced by Senator Dave Oehlke, is not a great bill as it gets rid of defined contributions. Instead of the current TFFR contribution, the bill recommends that defined contributions go instead to teachers’ own personal 401Ks. VP Conkins contacted Senator Oehlke about the Bill and asked that even though he introduced the bill, to vote ‘no’. President McLaurin read a response from Senator Oehlke regarding this bill. The response was vague in nature.
Bill #1134 is the second TFFR bill. VP Conkins recommended that DLEA members urge legislators to vote ‘yes’ on this bill. For more information on either of these bills, members should go to the following website:
VP Conkins included in her email a reminder to the membership to not use their sendit account when contacting legislators.
President McLaurin met with Superintendent Swiontek. Dr. Swiontek suggested that teachers begin thinking about alternative compensation (aka ‘merit pay’) in regard to developing criteria for disbursing the money that will be given to the district for this purpose. Dr. Swiontek stated (regarding development of criteria), “Don’t even think about test scores.” Criteria suggested by those in attendance included the following: professional development, attendance, committee work, credits earned, mentoring, et. al. President McLaurin said that as an association we need to be proactive and create criteria for alternative compensation that we think will work. How do we want this money to be awarded to teachers? Although alternative compensation is not available at the present time and perhaps not in the near future, it will become available within the new fifteen years. President McLaurin stated that alternative compensation is not going to ‘go away’. Since alternative compensation is relatively new to North Dakota, we have no model to go by. Should any DLEA members have suggestions as to criteria to include for alternative compensation, please let President McLaurin know. Undesirable criteria include anything involving student performance.
Dr. Swiontek asked President McLaurin to inquire if teachers would be in favor of combining teaching and coaching duties into one contract rather than issuing separate contracts for each. Dr. Swiontek would like to tie incoming teachers to coaching contracts rather than separating the contracts as they are now.
In the past both coaching and teaching duties were tied together in one contract. This made it much more difficult to get out of a coaching position. The members present at the meeting were NOT in favor of going back to one contract for both, but preferred to keep coaching and teaching contracts separate.
Collaborative Bargaining
Collaborative Bargaining Concerns
•Insurance will be going up for the 2011-2012 school year by 15%.
•The carryover (monies) from the 2009-2010 school year was 21%.
•Do we want to negotiate/bargain for a two-year contract again? (The school board prefers a two-year contract. Since the legislature only meets every other year, we know in advance what amount of money will be available for the next two years.)
Bargaining points (suggestions from members present)
•Increase the base and add steps to those who are frozen.
•Provide the opportunity to roll personal days into sick leave (rather than taking the $ for extra personal days at the end of the school year, have the option of putting any extra personal days a teacher might have into his/her sick leave bank for).
Bargaining Team
Four DLEA members are running for three seats on the CB team. The members are as follows:
*Tyler Knutson *Chris Somner *Michelle DeFoe *John McLaurin

Ballots will be distributed to building reps. to take to DLEA members in their respective schools in order to complete the voting process. Results will be announced at the next meeting or on the DLEA website.

•Don’t forget to sell the raffle tickets for Relay for Life. The raffle tickets are $5.00 each with the winner receiving a personal day. Other prizes will also be awarded. Building representatives have the tickets for purchase.
•The next meeting will be held at CMS on Tuesday, March 8th in room 202 (Courtney Mundahl’s room) at 4:15 p.m.

Kathy Lovseth moved to adjourn the meeting. Marilynn Tong seconded the motion. Motion carried.
Respectfully submitted,

Michelle DeFoe, DLEA secretary
1/11/11 > DLEA January Minutes
DLEA Minutes
Tuesday, January 11th, 2011
CMS, Room 226

The meeting was called to order by President McLaurin at 4:15. Twelve members were present. The secretary’s minutes from the last meeting were distributed and approved.
Treasurer’s Report
Nick Kavli provided the membership with the following information: The Citizen’s Community Credit Union (checking account) had a beginning balance of $485.84. After paying miscellaneous bills (one for $200.00 DLEA scholarship), the ending balance is $279.95. The Money Market Account at Gate City Savings and Loan had a beginning balance of $5,195.04. With $1.74 added for interest, the current balance is $5,196.78.

School Reports
•All Schools are MAP testing
•Prairie View (Kathy Lovseth)
~Dibbles (test)

•Sweetwater (Jody Lagasse)
~Family Fun Night (sponsored by 4-H) on 1/11/11.

•Minnie H (Marnie Hanson)
~Math night January 27th, Kindergarten reading day coming up
•LACTC (Jean Baird)
~ Doing a survey of grade 8 to see if they are interested in new classes; FBLA selling safety hammers

•CMS (John McLaurin)
~ Tyler Harris will replace Josh Gunderson as music teacher for semester two.

•DLHS (Jean Baird and Michelle DeFoe)
~Dazzlers went to Orlando; Finals week; Map Testing at the end of the Month; Winter sports in full swing; ASVAB testing for juniors and seniors on January 20th (optional test); financial aid nights for seniors coming up in February; seniors are busy applying for scholarships; speech team has started; winter sports off to a great start

Other/Old Business
• TFFR vote coming up this Friday in the ND legislature— what happens regarding this bill will provide information regarding the proposed change in TFFR percentages—4% proposed increase in 2012 and 4% proposed increase in 2014. These two increases in TFFR would result in an 8% increase in TFFR over the next five years. Additionally, the TFFR bill coming up for vote this week includes a $75 million dollar loan from the state to replenish the TFFR fund. The TFFR bill has been endorsed by NDEA.
•President McLaurin will be meeting with Dr. Swiontek in the near future. One of the items anticipated to be discussed is alternative compensation (aka Merit Pay). Districts that decide to implement alternative compensation will receive extra money from the state to provide for compensation.
•Alternative Compensation information/discussion
~Williston has been in the process of developing criteria for alternative compensation for the past two years.
~Since Alternative Compensation means extra dollars to the school district (the majority of which must be used for compensation), school boards tend to be in favor of it. Teachers need to provide input regarding criteria used for compensation since it is likely that alternative compensation will be implemented in the DLPS school district at some point in the future (earliest date would probably be 2013). If alternative compensation is done correctly it can be a great benefit. If done incorrectly, it could create significant problems.
•Collaborative Bargaining for 2011-2012
~Membership should be thinking of what they would like to see brought up for the next year. Consider the following:
√Contract language
√Non-monetary items
√Salary schedule possible changes
Members need to bring collaborative bargaining items to the next meeting and/or email their ideas/concerns to John McLaurin and/or Nancy Conkins.
~A roster of candidates to vote for (collaborative bargaining team) will be provided for the membership within a few weeks. Currently there are four to five individuals considering running for one of three positions on the collaborative bargaining team. If interested in running, please contact John McLaurin (email).
•Next Meeting
February’s meeting (2/08/11) will be held at Minnie H in room 104 (Maari’s room) at 4:15 p.m.
•Maari Hanson moved to adjourn the meeting; seconded by Courtney ___. Meeting was adjourned at 4:53 p.m. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Michelle DeFoe, DLEA secretary
12/14/10 > DLEA December Minutes
Tuesday, December 14th, 2010 `
President McLaurin called the meeting to order at 4:15p.m. at the LACTC in Sarah Murchie’s room. Six members were present.
Last month’s meeting minutes were passed out to the membership and approved as written.
Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Nick Kavli provided a paper copy of the financial report.
The checking account has a balance of $485.84. The money market account at Gate City Saving Bank currently has a balance of $5,195.04. Nick also noted on his financial report that when reconciling records with NEA/NDEA, it was noted that DLEA was being billed for an account with no name. The method of payment listed for members is also being verified with NEA/NDEA since not all of the records match completely.

Building Reports

Minnie H (Kathy Lovseth)
•MH concert is this week on the 16th.
•Students have been ringing the Salvation Army bell at Kmart.
•Student and staff talent show on the last day.
•Parents are also invited to a Christmas Tea that day.

Prairie View (No representative)

Sweetwater (Jodi Lagasse)
•Second grader Hunter Street was chosen to sing the Lakota Flag song for the second annual White House Tribal Nations Conference and President Barack Obama. Hunter was chosen for this honor by the National Congress of American Indians.
•An assembly was held for monthly food bank donations
•A Music program will be held this evening.
•Kids’ club has been going to preschools and reading to preschool children.
•Principal Deb Follman will be receiving her Doctorate degree.

Central Middle School: (John McLaurin)
•Looking for new music teacher to replace Josh Gunderson (wife transferred to Minnesota)
•Awarded Title IID Grant for $100,000 “Visually Engaging Students to Improve Comprehension”

Devils Lake High School (Michelle DeFoe/Warren Michaels)
•Student council is in Bismarck.
•Winter sports are underway.
•SAAD conference was recently held in Devils Lake.
•Advanced Ed. (formerly NCA) is well underway.
•One high school student will be appointed to the school board as a student representative.

LACTC (Marilyn Tong)
•The Bakeshop is once again open for business. A variety of Christmas bars and cookies can be purchased.
•Starting to prepare for 2011-2012 accreditation.

Old Business

A check for $200.00 will be given to DLEA scholarship recipient Emily Aasand (from this past May). A picture of Emily and a DLEA member needs to be taken and given to the Devils Lake Journal for publication.

Negotiators: The membership will vote for the 2011-2012 negotiators in January. A list of those running for the three positions will be provided to members for voting purposes. Tyler Knutson, CMS teacher, has been attending negotiator-training sessions. Tyler has one session to complete in order to gain negotiator-training certification.

New Business/Discussion

Warren Michaels suggested that the accreditation process be done district wide rather than each individual school going through the process. Warren suggested that by being evaluated as a district, a lot of overlap/repetition could be avoided and time saved.

Merit Pay: School districts will get extra money to implement this. No one will get paid less than they are getting paid right now. This type of pay is relatively new to North Dakota. The difficulty with this type of pay is in creating a fair measurement tool for assessment purposes (who should get extra pay). Members present were concerned about phy-ed, art, and music teachers. Since these teachers don’t teach ‘core’ classes that students are tested on, will they be eligible for ‘merit’ pay? Will special education teachers be eligible? John stated that despite ‘merit’ pay, no teacher would receive a cut in pay. John also stated that school boards tended to be in favor of this type of pay as it would bring more dollars to the district but that administrators generally were against this type of pay because of the difficulty of determining who would or would not receive the bonus monies.


Next meeting: January 11th @ CMS in room 226 (John McLaurin’s room)

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle DeFoe, DLEA Secretary
11/10/10 > DLEA November Minutes
DLEA meeting held Tuesday, November 9, 2010 at 4:15 in Kristi Bommersbach’s room, PV.

Twelve members were present.

No Minutes

Treasurer’s report approved (See attached sheet)
We have about 98 members this year.

Building Reports:
*All schools have finished testing
*Elementary schools had fall festivals
*SW and MH had book fairs during goal setting conferences.
*MH is having Roots and Wings day next Wednesday. Parents and community members are invited to come in and observe reading blocks.
*SW had math night.
*PV had an assembly with ROTC. They will be starting their magazine fundraiser next week. They will have their math night on November 18. Nancy Conkins will present ViewPoint Data Warehouse at the grade level meetings.
*CMS had Movie night and a dance. Opera students returned from their trip. They are participating in Box Top Collection. Students will be participating in a bully survey.
*LACTC had an advisory aboard meeting. Pie baking is starting next week. Several colleges have come to visit with students.
*HS no report
John will meet with Dr. Swiontek on November 10, 2010.

The Health poll survey results were:
No 40 53%
Yes 21 28%
Maybe 14 18%
This option will be dropped for this year.

John McLaurin, Tyler Knutson, Michelle DeFoe, and Chris Sommer will run for the Collaborative Bargaining
John and Tyler just attended the conference so John shared some of the information and concerns that were addressed.
• Retirement and Insurance are not part of our contract; they are board policy and addressed in the settlement agreement.
• 3rd party for grievances
• Keep defined benefit plan
• Part-time responsibilities
• Other language issues

John informed us that a letter would be sent to all teachers and administrators discussing money that will be available to districts that wish to participate in the agreement. (Money is earmarked for teacher salaries, but will probably require a lot of decisions and paperwork at the administrative level.)

The next meeting will be held at LACTC on December 14 at 4:15.

Meeting adjourned at 4:47.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Lovseth (filling in for Michelle DeFoe)
9/20/10 > DLEA September Minutes
DLEA Meeting
Tuesday, September 20th, 2010
The meeting was called to order by President McLaurin at 4:15p.m. at LACTC. Twelve members were present.
The minutes from the May 2010 meeting were approved.

John reminded us that we cannot send anything over SEND-IT (legally) regarding anything to do with DLEA. Future minutes will be sent to the web site.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Sarah Murchie provided a paper copy of the financial report.
$2,500.00 is being moved from the checking account to the money market account.
Nick Kavli was approved as the new treasurer for the 2010-2011 school year.

Building Reports

Minnie H (Maari Hanson)
•Back to school night
•Success for all—implementing new things
•Off to a smooth start

Prairie View (Kristi Bommersbach)
•The parking lot will be fixed in the near future
•Good turnout at Back to School Night
•Every Thursday a.m. PLC (Professional Learning Communities)

Sweetwater (Jodi Lagasse/Kathy Lovseth)
•Open house on September 30th
•Construction is close to being finished.
•Last week: Lunch and learn (parents have lunch with students)

Central Middle School: (John McLaurin) CMS has a new ‘look’ due to:
~New lockers
~New paint
~New teams, rooms
~Schedule changes
•Field trips: 5th through 8th grades have gone to Ft. Totten, Sully’s Hill, and/or participated in the Courage Retreat
•Service Day: Will rake leaves again in the fall (this was very well received last year).
•Gearing up for testing which will take place soon
•New counselor who just started yesterday (09/19/2010)

Devils Lake High School (Michelle DeFoe, Sarah Murchie)
•Homecoming is this week.
•New staff members and counselor
•Fall sports underway

LACTC (Sarah Murchie)
•Two new job coaches under Marilynn Tong
•New director: Dale Wigman
•Occupational fair coming up that students will be attending
•October 27th: Advisory board meetings
•Two new laptop carts

New Business

Collaborative Bargaining

Certified negotiator training in Bottineau will be held (two different visits).
1st training: September 22nd and October 13th from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Carol Nyberg will be in attendance.
We will need three negotiators for our collaborative bargaining sessions. Those interested in being part of the collaborative bargaining team should strongly consider going to the negotiator training.

Membership should start thinking about things to bring up for collaborative bargaining. This may be the last year (for several years perhaps) that a $ raise will be possible due to the changes in TFFR. This is probably the last year to add anything to the base due to the afore-mentioned projected TFFR increases.


John vet with Mr. Swiontek last week. John learned that the DLPS district will be paying much more in TFFR in the future. The new percentage of TFFR will kick in during 2012 and 2014. If this (TFFR percentage raises) goes through, very little or no raise (not just our school but many others as well) may result. This is probably the last year to add anything to the base due to the projected increases in TFFR.
Additionally, insurance is projected to go up by 20% in 2011-2012.

September 23rd: Meeting with John McLaurin, Nick Kavli, and Nancy Conkins and Carol Nyberg.

Membership Status

Cost of membership is a concern resulting in the loss of a few members.
At least six new members joined.
Membership appears to be staying even (some did not rejoin, but a few new teachers joined).

Announcements and Adjournment

The next DLEA meeting will be held on the 5th of October at Minnie H.: Maari’s room: 104.

Motion to adjourn by Maari Hanson. Seconded by Kathy Lovseth. Motion approved. Meeting adjourned at 4:41 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle DeFoe, DLEA Secretary
5/15/10 > DLEA May Minutes
DLEA Minutes

May 11th, 2010: CMS Library

The meeting was called to order by Vice-President Nancy Conkin at 4: 18 p.m. in the Central Middle School library.
The order of the meeting was changed to allow for a legislative update on education presented by ND State Representatives Dennis Johnson, Curt Hoffstad and Senator Dave Oehlke.
The information which follows was shared with DLEA by the legislators:
•Representative Dennis Johnson and Senator Dave Oehlke are both on the Education Interim Committee which determine what issues to study (education) and comes up with bill drafts for the next legislative session.
•TFFR Bill: Started out with NDEA leadership and the ND Schoolboard Association (working together).
•To access more information on the TFFR bill access the website: The bill draft on this web site is the one presented to the Employees Benefits Interim Committee (about nine members of the legislature serve on this committee). Hearings and proposals will occur regarding this bill until the legislature goes into session. Use the web site to add your input.
•The bill draft which moves forth from the committee will be either a house or senate bill. It will likely be in the house the first part of January or February. It will be discussed and work its way through the legislative process (crossover to Senate, hearings; possible conference committee if any changes are made to the bill…).
•TFFR options (see website): Increasing the employee share by 2percent and employer share by 2% in 2012 and again in 2014 for a total of 8%.
•Phase 2 of this bill asks the state to put $75 million dollars into the TFFR fund to make up for the loss that TFFR took during the stock market crash. (TFFR lost 27% of 1.3 billion dollars which is quite significant.)
Representative Curt Hoffstad
~There really is no easy fix. It will take significant fixes to bring the fund back to where it was.
Senator Dave Oehlke (possible changes to TFFR)
~ You will probably have to work longer due to TFFR fund monetary problems.
~ If you retire and work part-time you may have to pay in on what you are earning.
~The retirement age may change.
~ MIS103 reports will change drastically so that teachers don’t have to fill out as much paperwork.

-minutes 2
Oehlke informed DLEA members that the retirement issue is not limited to teachers. Other professions have also taken a loss in retirement funding.
Senator Oehlke stated that this is an issue (TFFR) that teachers should pay attention to, especially since bills can change a great deal from their introduction through the legislative process. So many things happening nationally that can affect state monies. One example is the national health care plan. This may cost the state millions of dollars. Legislators will need to consider state dollar expenditures before determining if state monies will be put into teacher retirement.
The defined benefit plan says that you will get a certain percentage of your average salary. The defined benefit plan is the ‘best’ of all worlds.
DLEA was informed that over a four month period of time, the legislature will be dealing with approximately 400 bills or more. Some are very simple, while others are quite complex. Teachers are an important piece of the environment for legislators.
Representative Dennis Johnson
“Monitor what’s happening. NDEA is a good support system. If they have a problem lobbying the TFFR bill, they’ll come back to the membership. “
Representatives suggested to DLEA that: “As part of the association you have a say in what NDEA brings to the legislature. Get involved and help determine the direction the bill takes.
Problem: We currently have more retired teachers than working teachers (disparity beginning to show up). This means that we have fewer people paying in and more people taking out.
Hoffstad: “It is so important to get involved in the process. It is a people’s legislature. They need our ideas and feedback—very, very important. “
Johnson: “The Interim education committee meets 9th of June again. These hearings are open to the public. “

Retirement presentation for Carol Gibson:
Carol has been a member of DLEA every year. She stated that she has been proud to be a member and is grateful that there were people willing to fight for teacher rights. She also mentioned that TFFR is a terrific benefit.
Carol’s motto: “Everybody is somebody’s kids. Hold high expectations and don’t let them get by with minimum because they will try.”
DLEA presented a retirement gift to Carol—a clock.

~minutes 3
Secretary’s Report
~The April 2010 minutes were read.
~Jeane Aasand made a motion to approve the minutes.
~Jean Baird seconded the motion. Approved.
Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Sarah Henschel reported the following:
~The country club has received $200 for the golf tournament.
~Other bills include cake and retirement gift. Doesn’t think we have any more payroll deduction.
~Assets (off the top of her head): Around $3,000.00 in the general fund.
Jodi Lagasse made the following motion: “ I move that $500.00 be left in the checking fund. “ The motion was seconded by Courtney Mundahl. Motion passed.
Election of Officers
~A unanimous motion was cast for John McLaurin to continue as DLEA President.
~A unanimous motion was cast for Nancy Conkins to continue as DLEA Vice-President.
~Jean Baird nominated Michelle DeFoe to continue as DLEA secretary; seconded by Jeanne Assand. Motion passed.
~Members nominated for treasurer: Sarah Henschel, Lindsey Allmaras, and Nick Kavli. This position will be filled in the fall depending upon who is willing to fill the position.
Meeting Adjourned: 5:20 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,

Michelle DeFoe, DLEA Secretary
4/13/10 > DLEA April Minutes
DLEA Meeting
Tuesday, April 13th, 2010 `
The meeting was called to order by President McLaurin at 4:15p.m. at LACTC. Eleven members were present.
The minutes from the March 2010 meeting were approved.

John reminded us that we cannot send anything over SEND-IT (legally) regarding anything to do with DLEA. Future minutes will be sent to the web site.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Sarah Henschel provided a paper copy of the financial report since she could not be present. The question at hand is how much of our surplus funds do we want to put into the money market account?

No payments are needed this year for collective bargaining since it is year two of our agreement. Money will be needed for scholarships (two @ $200.00) as well as money for the end of the year golf tournament.

Be thinking about the amount of money that we should put in the (savings) account—will decide later this year.

President McLaurin’s Announcements/Concerns:

•TFFR: Proposal (legislative) is to get $75 million from the general fund to replace some of the millions lost by TFFR in the stock market last year. Other TFFR information is a follows: by 2012 add 4% to current deduction for TFFR and by 2014 add another 4% as a deduction (total of 8% in additional TFFR deductions). We will need people in the legislature to go to bat for us since this is a big issue. Adding the total increases of 8% to the current amount withheld for Teacher Retirement brings the total to 22.25% of TFFR deducted from salary (currently the school board pays for both teacher share and board share of TFFR). As it stands at the present time, the school board pays both the board’s and the teacher’s share of TFFR so nothing for TFFR is deducted from our checks. This could change in the future with the additional increases. Expect to hear more about this in the near future.

•NWEA web site: go to this link and there is an explanation of the TFFR fund (solvency) and projected increase. Three bills to be proposed are on the web site. If the TFFR increases (2012 and 2014) goes through, it will be very difficult to get any kind of increase in salary after 2012.

•TFFR Meeting on May 6th in cafeteria at South Middle School in Grand Forks: TFFR Regional meeting. Time = 6:30 p.m. There will be a duplicate meeting at Magic City Campus in Minot on May 11th.

•Elementary/Secondary Education Act: This act is currently set up to ignore many schools. Schools which will get money will be the highest performing and lowest performing schools. Those in the middle basically will be left out. Determination will be strictly on test scores. Test scores will also determine pay. A great deal of money will be allotted to this act—essentially, the best grant writers will get the money. Start thinking about Merit Pay and how teachers should be evaluated for Merit Pay. What does one do with those teachers who don’t impact test scores (i.e. counselors, phy-ed, etc.)? Merit pay is set up (according to this Education Act) to be tied into test scores. Teachers need to come together and determine how Merit Pay will work in their school. It should be noted that this act is being looked at right now and is Pending, not yet law.
Williston is currently looking at a plan for Merit pay. To get the money from the Education Act, Merit pay must be implemented by the school submitting the grant.

NDEA update: Next year members will have the option of getting publications electronically or on paper (rationale—too much money (publishing and mailing costs).

End of the Year Social Outing

Once again, Maari Hanson and Tammi Meyer will head up the golf tournament. Details for golf are the following:
•Golf: 9 holes
•May 26th (hopefully last day of school). If we take a snow day, it will be held on May 27th.
•Will start at 5:30 p.m. Event will be held at the Country Club.
•Cost: $28 for golf and steak. Mr. and Mrs. J’s will cater.
•Just golf: $16.00
•Just dinner: $12.00.
•Let Maari Hanson or Tammi Meyer know if you plan to attend. Also let one of them know if you have a foursome and who will be in it. They will also put you on a team if you aren’t part of a foursome.

Scholarship: Who approves this? The deadline is the 25th of April. In the past, retired teachers have chosen the recipient(s). If there is only one application, that individual will be the recipient. This scholarship is available only to children of DLEA members. A question arose as to who needs to be on the committee. John will check the by-laws and find out.
Jodi offered to go to the awards banquet to present the scholarship.

DLEA Relay for Life: $100 for registration fee. Jodi questioned if we should continue to ask Thompson and Thompson for sponsorship of Relay for Life. Maari Hanson made the following motion: “I move that DLEA sponsor the Relay for Life team and pay the $100 registration fee.” The motion was seconded by Kathy Lovseth. Motion passed.

Building Reports

District Wide
•Mid-quarter April 23rd
•Map testing

All Elementary Schools
•Artist in Residence (folk dance)

Minnie H (Maari Hanson)
•Literacy and Math night—very successful
•SFA reading trainer coming on the 21st for an implementation visit; will look at variety of data
•26th: spring music concert
28th-29th: Math trainer coming; will model math lessons for teachers
May 1st: New playground equipment will be installed by voluntary fire department

Prairie View (Kathy Lovseth)
Music program(s): One on May 4th
Big PTO cookie dough fund raiser that did extremely well (National Guard came in and unpacked the cookie dough)

Sweetwater (Jodi Lagasse/Kathy Lovseth)
•Breakfast buddies this past week
•Pre-school night to get kids ready for next year
Spring concert on April 27th
Health Fair on April 30th
•PTO book exchange will be held at the end of Reading Month.

Central Middle School: (Arlen and Jean Baird)
•Transition to high school (8th grade team visitations to the high school and LACTC)
•Raffle tickets being sold for playground equipment (800 sold thus far)
•Prime-time meetings are held in the gym
•Career exploration after school program on Thursdays
•After school activities (programs): archery, cooking, other

Devils Lake High School (Jean Baird, Sherry Boehmer)
•ACT test for juniors on April 28th
•Prom is April 24th
•NWEA beginning the 26th of April
•May 4th is the Academic banquet
•Click-it or Ticket campaign beginning in May
•Spring Concerts
•Just finished regional music competition (vocal)
•Speech team took 1st place in EDC third year in a row
•Golf has started

LACTC (Sherry Boehmer/Marilynn Tong)
•FBLA took 1st place in state competition and will go on to nationals. Fund-raising is underway to raise money for national competition. Burger fry on May 8th at Leever’s. Will be selling sympathy and graduation cards. Will also be teaching how to text (text message) or use Facebook (donation accepted)
•Restaurant is open. Name is “DL Shores”
•Interviews for LACTC Director underway

Old Business

DLEA Raffle winners
•Sheila LaMotte—Personal Day
•$20 chamber: Kristine Potts
•$5.00 chamber bucks: Jeanne O’Gorman
•Made $400 plus dollars

•June 11th is Relay for Life
•Need members for the team: contact Jodi Lagesse, Annette Steffan, or Jeanne Aasand by the end of March. Members can support the team by buying luminaries.

Items for next meeting:

•Elections for officers. Anyone who is interested in running, please contact President McLaurin.
• Retirement honoree: Carol Gibson
•Meeting location: CMS library

Next meeting (May 12th, 2010 at 4:15 p.m.)

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle DeFoe, DLEA Secretary
3/09/10 > DLEA March Minutes
DLEA Meeting
Tuesday, March 9th, 2010 `
The meeting was called to order by President McLaurin at 4:15p.m. at Prairie View. Sixteen members were present.
The minutes from the February 2009 meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Sarah Henschel provided the financial report. She is ahead of schedule on payments to NDEA/NEA. We have a little over $13,000.00 in our account although we still have one more payment to make to NDEA/NEA. At the next meeting: discuss what to do with any surplus which might be left.

Building Reports

District Wide
*Spring Break this Friday, March 19th
•Quarter ends on March 9, 2010
•Parent-Teacher conferences coming up

All Elementary Schools
•Climb Theater (from Minneapolis):

Minnie H (Kathy Lovseth)
•Respect Party (sledding)
•Map testing

Prairie View (Kathy Lovseth)
•Native American dancers and musicians (part of the Respect celebration; culture experience)
•Reading Month: Celebrate Readers: Dressing as story book characters
•Book Fair
•PTO: Cookie Sales

Sweetwater (Jodi Lagasse)
•Construction on new addition about a week behind schedule
•Teacher of the quarter, Jolene Dahlen
•PTO book exchange will be held at the end of Reading Month.

Central Middle School: (Courtney Mundahl and John McLaurin)
•Classified Employee: Marsha Hamilton
•8th grade going on Teen Maze
•8th graders will be touring the high school and registering for 9th grade classes.
•Looking for a different reading program for grades 5/-6
•Speech team
•After school program offers a variety of activities for students (archery, cooking, other)
•Before school program also offers variety of activities
•End of the Quarter Conferences

Devils Lake High School (Michelle DeFoe
•11 wrestlers qualified for state and 5 placed at the state level
•Registration for next year is in full swing
•Quarter 3 ends on March 19
•ROTC Military Ball coming up this weekend
•ROTC competed at Fargo in physical fitness, dodge ball competition, and
•Concerts—band and choir
•Students getting ready for music contest
•EDC speech is coming up
•Track has started
•Sports Center playing host to district and regional Class B tournaments
•Block program will be done this year

LACTC (Marilynn Tong)
•Teachers gearing up for registration—promoting their classes/areas to up student enrollment.
•Restaurant will open quarter 4, under the supervision of Kathy Tweed
•Position open for director of LACTC
•Alternative high school is full—more than 30 students

Old Business

DLEA Raffle winners
•Sheila LaMotte—Personal Day
•$20 chamber: Kristine Potts
•$5.00 chamber bucks: Jeanne O’Gorman
•Made $400 plus dollars
•June 11th is Relay for Life
•Need members for the team: contact Jodi Lagesse, Annette steffan, or Jeanne Aasand by the end of March. Members can support the team by buying luminaries.

Other Business
•Pre-retirement Seminar: will be held at the library at DLHS on Monday, March 15th
•On April 15th contracts will be issued; due 30 days after issued

•Visit with Mr. Swiontek: Are there any non-monetary issues? This is not a bargaining year, but possibly non-monetary issues can be looked at.

Kathy asked about scholarships. There is a DLEA scholarship (application on DLEA web page).

Michelle made a motion to form a committee of three (to be appointed by the president) to look at the current scholarship application and update as needed. The committee of three consists of Jodi Lagasse, Annette Steffan, and Kathy Lovseth. The motion was seconded by Kathy Lovseth. Motion passed.

•Next meeting: April 13th at LACTC in Sarah Henschel’s room, #301 at 4:15 p.m.

A Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Courtney Mundahl, seconded by Sarah Henschel and approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Conkins, DLEA Vice President
2/09/10 > DLEA February Minutes
DLEA Meeting
Tuesday, February 9th, 2010 `
The meeting was called to order by President McLaurin at 4:15p.m. at Central Middle School. Eight members were present.
The minutes from the January 2009 meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Sarah Henschel wasn’t able to attend so no treasurer’s report was given. $111.00 was spent for the social at Proz in January.

Building Reports

District Wide
*Pennies for Patients

All Elementary Schools
•Reading Month in March: Reading Night, Reading Fair

Minnie H (Kathy Lovseth)
•Kinder Korner: Parents were invited to watch the Reading Block
•Second Cup of Coffee: open house for parents
•Math Night

Prairie View (Annette Steffan)
•January Thaw: Hot chocolate treat for students provided by PTO and served by Lara Prozinski’s students
•PTO sponsored cookie sale
•Investigations Training (math)

Sweetwater (Jodi Lagasse)
•Construction is a week and a half behind schedule
•Grand Forks teachers observing Sweetwater’s reading program
•Investigations Training (math)

Central Middle School: (Courtney Mundahl)
•Students and staff raised $15,000 for Haiti Relief.
•RTI Intervention Trainings.
•Student and staff attended a program by Bob UpGren , motivational speaker,
•PAC gave students a root beer float treat
•CMS Store was started by Mr. Kalash and Knutson’s students
•Firebird Day: Semester honors for students

Devils Lake High School
•Dazzlers attended competition: 1st in Pom Pom, 3rd in Kick, 6th in Jazz
•Sponsored Speech Meet
•EDC Wrestling

LACTC (Marilynn Tong)
•Career and Tech Week
•The preschool program began on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays
•8th Grade visitation

Other Business

•John met with Mr, Swiontek. There were no new issues.
•Early Retirees: Suzann Sinness and Carol Gibson
•Personal Day Raffle

•Next meeting: March 9th at Prairie View in Annette Steffan’s room, #124 at 4:15 p.m.

A Motion to adjourn the meeting was made and approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Conkins, DLEA Vice President
1/12/10 > DLEA January Minutes
DLEA Meeting
Tuesday, January 12th, 2010 `
The meeting was called to order by President McLaurin at 4:15p.m. at Sweetwater. Ten members were present.
The minutes from the December 2009 meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Sarah Henschel provided the treasurer’s report. A bill from Snapdragon’s Floral in the amount of $47.08 was presented. The bill was for two floral arrangements ordered for Jeff Stotz and Lori Kalash in recognition of their doctorate degree completion.

Incoming funds included $6,741.81 in payroll dues. Regarding outgoing funds, Sarah wrote a check for $6,541.81 to NDEA. This leaves the total obligation to NDEA (after aforesaid payment) at $19,667.19. Sarah reported that we are ahead of the scheduled payments for NDEA.

Currently there is $3,583.97 in the checking account at the Credit Union. The money market account at Gate City has a balance of $2,461.43. After figuring the debits and credits, DLEA has a current balance of $6,045.40 (including money market and checking account).

Building Reports

All Elementary Schools
•Artist in Residence

Minnie H (Maari Hanson)
•MAP testing taking place
•Hosting a math night on January 26th
•Will host a ‘Kindercorner’ day (when parents can come in to observe)
•Last December the kids and teachers took part in a talent show.

Prairie View (Kathy Lovseth)
•Kindergarten students are taking a practice MAP test.
•One or more of Lara Prozinski’s classes will be coordinating the ‘January Thaw’ which involves high school students serving rice crispy bars and chocolate milk to all students.

Sweetwater (Jodi Lagasse)
•MAP testing
•Grade level meetings
•January 25th: ‘Family Food, Fun, and Fitness Night’ (fitness and nutrition individuals will present information/demonstrations to participants)
•Faith King is doing an internship in speech pathology with Bev Mack.
•Progress continues on the new addition.

Central Middle School: (Courtney Mundahl)
•Patty Kavli chosen ‘Teacher of the Quarter’.
•Students are taking semester exams.
•Principal Josh Johnson is working at getting a Parent Teacher Organization started at CMS.
•Starting the RTI training process
•A staff picture was taken with staff wearing matching CMS jackets.

•Devils Lake High School (Michelle DeFoe)
•Winter sports are in full swing.
•An RTI class, to be co-taught by Danielle Hawn and Diane Mertens, will begin on January 27th. The class is available for credit and will meet Wednesdays from 3:45 to 4:45. A credit option is available.
•The speech team will begin its season with their first tournament on Saturday, January 16th.
•New Drama Directors have been hired. Patty and Jeff Cote will direct the three-act play or musical slated for May.
•Dr. Johnson has been hired to direct the state play as well as state drama events.
•Sue Kukert was chosen as the ‘Classified Employee of the Quarter.
•Semester testing has begun; the 2nd semester begins on Tuesday, January 19th.

LACTC (Sarah Henschel)
•Semester exams in full swing
•College dual credit classes will be beginning soon at both the high school and LACTC.


•Courtney Mundahl read a Thank-you note from Lori Kalash, thanking DLEA for the flowers sent to her in honor of the completion of her Doctorial degree.

Old Business: None

New Business

•Discussion took place about holding a Social for current members and non-members (help recruit new members). Maari Hanson volunteered to take charge of this. All staff will be invited to the social. More information regarding the social will be provided at the next meeting.


•Jodi Lagasse announced that Raffle tickets will again be sold to raise money for Relay for Life. This year’s theme is “Celebrating More Birthdays”. Watch your email for further information.

•Next meeting: February 9th at CMS in Courtney Mundahl’s room, #124 (wing of art room) at 4:15 p.m.

A Motion to adjourn the meeting was made and approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle DeFoe, DLEA secretary
12/08/09 > DLEA December Minutes
DLEA Meeting
December 8, 2009
The meeting was called to order by President McLaurin at 4:23 p.m. at Minnie H. Seven members were present.
The minutes from the November 2009 meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Sarah Henschel provided the treasurer’s report. Sarah received a statement/bill from NDEA showing a total net obligation of $44,683 (for NDEA and NEA dues). Sarah sent a check to NDEA/NEA for $15,000 this past month. Sarah will send payroll deduction amounts until the full bill is paid.

NEA/NDEA: $26,209.00 remains to be paid for the current membership year. The current balance after the recent payments Sarah made is $3,431.00. According to Sarah DLEA has 95 members.

Building Reports

Minnie H (Kathy Lovseth)
•Students involved in the after school program will be ringing the Salvation Army bell at K-Mart.
•The Christmas program is slated for Monday, December 14th.

Sweetwater (Kathy Lovseth)
•The Christmas program is scheduled for Tuesday, December 15the.
•Congratulations to Lori Kalash! She recently received her doctorate degree in Education. •The RSVP program does community programs on Fridays (go to nursing homes for example).
•SW is continuing with the 2nd step of Title I school-wide implementation. Construction is ongoing.

Prairie View (Kathy Lovseth)
•The Christmas program is scheduled for Tuesday, December 8, 2009.
•Fridays have been designated “Christmas Sweater Day”(teachers) in memory of Debbie Stromme. Each teacher will donate a dollar for wearing a sweater. The money raised will go to ‘Books for Babies’.

Central Middle School: (John McLaurin)
•The Homework Club held before has been changed. 7:00 to 7:45 a.m. is reserved for homework/study time. 7:45 to 8:30 is used for Open Gym. More kids are attending as a result of the change.
•Exploratories have been reduced to two per year.
•The Student body voted to change the official name of the school from the CMS Dragons to the CMS Firebirds.

Devils Lake High School (Michelle DeFoe)
•Congratulations to Jeff Stotz for earning his Doctorate degree!
•Christmas programs are coming up.
•Winter sports and activities are in full swing.
•A full staff practice ‘lockdown’ was held on Monday, December 7th as a proactive measure. Attendance was voluntary. Nearly all staff (except a couple of people) were present. The practice went well.

LACTC (Marilyn Tong)
•The deadline for ordering/purchasing from the bakery is December 18th. The
bakery is open now from 8:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Patrons need to bring their own containers.
•The LACTC also had a lock-down drill last week.

Old Business: None

New Business

New Business: Sarah made a motion to purchase plants for DLEA members Lori Kalash and Jeff Stotz since each has recently received his/her doctorate degree. Marilynn Tong seconded. Motion approved.

President McLaurin will meet with Superintendent Swiontek on Wednesday, December 9, 2009. One of the items our President will visit with Mr. Swiontek on is asking for
clarification on half time personnel responsibilities regarding in-service and parent-teacher conferences. What is the half time responsibility?

Other Business:

The Midwest Conference: Registration is due December 15th. The conference will be held in Minneapolis and takes place from January 22nd- to January 24th. Any DLEA member who wishes to attend or has questions about the conference should contact President McLaurin.

The next meeting will be held on January 12th, 2010 at 4:15 p.m. at Sweetwater in room 115 (Megan Conroy’s room); hosted by Jodi Legasse.

Jodi Legasse and Jeanne Aasand will approach Mr. Swiontek regarding getting a personal day for the raffle for the Relay for Life.

Motion made to adjourn; approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle DeFoe, DLEA secretary
11/10/09 > DLEA November Minutes
DLEA Minutes Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

President McLaurin brought the meeting to order at 4:21 p.m. Seven members were present. One member arrived later on in the meeting, bringing the number to eight.

The minutes from the October meeting were approved.

Secretary Sarah Henschel provided a treasurer’s report. A check was paid to Marilyn Tong for the amount of $25.92 for holiday treats.

Sarah deposited $6,541.81 from payroll deduction and will be sending NDEA a check this week. Sarah stated that she had just spoken by phone with Barb Roberts from NDEA. Roberts indicated that DLEA’s November billing will be $7,808.40. The first detailed billing will come out in December.

Building reports were provided by one or more staff members from each school.

Minnie H (Maari Hanson):Students are finishing up Map testing. Families have been invited to ‘Family Roots and Wings’. Minnie H is encouraging community participation as well by inviting different groups to join them.
Students are collecting box tops for cash (ten cents per box top) to raise funds for school supplies/equipment. A competition for box top totals is being held between classes. New playground equipment will be purchased by the PTO. The volunteer firemen and Rotary club members will install it. Other contributors to the playground equipment include the Rotary, Leevers, as well as other community businesses and organizations.

Sweetwater (Kathy Lovseth): A great deal of construction is occurring; it is difficult to find a place to park some days, but it will be well worth it when the construction is finished. The construction appears to be ahead of schedule at the current time.

Prairie View (Kathy Lovseth): A group from Prairie View as well as CMS will be attending a school-wide state meeting. The Halloween party was a great success. Testing continues. A Wall of Honor was created in honor of Veterans. Math night was held last week and was well attended.

All three elementary schools hosted Veteran’s Day programs

Central Middle School (John McLaurin/Jeanne Aasmundstad): State testing is concluding. A 7th-8th grade dance for Halloween was held. CMS also hosted a Halloween party for 5th and 6th graders (approximately 120 students attended). Grades 5-8 did community service (raking of leaves) for the community. The majority of CMS students participated. Many people complimented CMS students on their work. Students did yard work (raking) at 80 different homes. Rakes were provided by students and CMS as well as from Wal-Mart and K-Mart. Over 600 large bags were filled with leaves. This project was well-received and was a great activity to follow testing. Middle school conferences may be different next year as more time is needed than is currently allotted.

Devils Lake High School (Michelle DeFoe): Junior testing took place last week. The football team will play for the state AA championship this Saturday at 1:00 p.m. in the Fargo dome. The Girls volleyball team will be playing in the EDC tournament this week and are ranked #7. ROTC sponsored a Veteran’s Wall of Honor. Karen Anderson’s art students have nearly finished the Firebird Mosaic which will be hung next week in the sports center. A few high school kids were involved in the college musical, Footloose. The new Salad Bar is gaining popularity. The Honor Society will be conducting a roadblock (run up to cars and ask for money) for Cystic Fibrosis. The student council sponsored a blood drive which many students and staff participated in.

LACTC (Sherry Boehmer): An Advisory Board meeting was just held. The Advisory Board is made up of business people who help advise with programs. The meeting was held on 10/28. LACTC is offering online classes; three classes are online only. Sherry Boehmer now teaches an IVAN class in conjunction with her Graphic Design class. The bake shop will be opening soon with Christmas goodies. Thanksgiving pie orders are being taken until November 16th. Pies are $10.

Old Business: None

New Business.

A district wide: Fruit/Veggie Challenge is being conducted for staff.

Nancy and Kathy Lovseth reported on the NDEA Instructional conference. Kathy learned that statewide district renewal credits are going up: by 2012 six semester credits will be required to renew one’s teaching certificate (currently four semester credits are required). Nancy learned that when an individual gets his/her master’s degree, certification is good for ten years. There is also a thirty year certificate that does not have to be renewed. A certificate is in the works for individuals who wish to be substitute teachers. A Certification class can be taken by those wishing to receive substitute certification. Because future substitute teachers won’t necessarily have to possess a teaching degree, it will make it easier to locate substitute teachers. Counselors need a master’s degree but no longer will need to have taught in a classroom before licensure. A grant (state program with guidelines to follow) for a specific mentoring and coaching program is being sponsored and pays $600 per semester. DLPS mentors are currently paid for mentoring and receive $600 or more for doing so. Other news that was reported on from the NDEA Instructional Conference includes National Board Teacher Certification .
Once a teacher attains the National Board Certification, he/she will receive a bonus of $1,500.00 (from the state?) Other news from the conference: New speech pathologists--must get master’s degree by 2010.

President McLaurin had a meeting with Mr. Swiontek. A new calendar with four staff development days utilizing early dismissal (state has okayed dismissing early--1:30 p.m.) was presented. These days will count as full school days. President McLaurin stated that not much has come his way regarding staff concerns. Mr. Swiontek had no real concerns. Meeting times were discussed. Mr. Swiontek and President McLaurnin both came to the conclusion that sometimes teachers need to show up at 8:00 a.m. If it becomes a problem Mr. Swiontek will back teachers. Mr. Swiontek will bring the new calendar to the next school board meeting.

John received an email from Dakota Draper regarding a Midwest regional conference; monies available if interested in going. President Draper suggested car pooling. January 20th through January 24th, 2010 if any members are interested in going. Up to twelve members per local may attend. Let John know if you are interested. Maari talked about going to this conference a few years ago and stated how wonderful the conference was.

Next meeting will be December 8th hosted by Minnie H in room 104 (back hallway--Maari’s room) at 4:15 p.m.

Announcements: It is John’s birthday (announced by Maari Hanson).

Motion to Adjourn: Jeanne Aasmundstad; seconded by Maari Hanson; approved.
10/06/09 > DLEA October Minutes
DLEA Minutes Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

President McLaurin brought the meeting to order at 4:20 p.m. Eight members were present. Two members arrived later on in the meeting, bringing the number to ten.

A Motion to approve the minutes of the previous meeting was made by Marilynn Tong and seconded by Sarah Henschel. Motion Carried.
Secretary Sarah Henschel provided a treasurer’s report. Balances as of 10/15/2009 were as follows:

Citizen’s Community Credit Union: $5,388.94
Gate City Bank (Money Market) $2,458.71

Total $7,847.65

October 5th: Check was issued to Nancy Conkins for the amount of $186.02 to reimburse her for
expenses incurred at the DLEA Back to School Event held at her home.

On October 5th, 2009, Sarah deposited $4,715.00 (enrollment monies). This deposit has been included in the balance above.

Payroll deductions (for dues) will begin with the October 20th payroll. 77 members signed up for payroll deduction. Approximately ten to fifteen individuals paid their dues by check; others used Dues Credit Trust. The question was asked if our membership numbers were up or down? Unsure. Sarah will look at the numbers and get back to us.

Sarah stated that Signature cards must be signed by the President for authorization at both financial institutions. Minutes and signed forms will be presented to the bank when completed.

Building reports were provided by one or more staff members from each school.

Minnie H (Kathy Lovseth): Book Fair and “Raising Readers” night (family event); MAP testing and/or state testing coming up in the near future.

Sweetwater (Jodi Lagasse): Map testing has finished. Safety night--good turn out. Book Fair. Jan Belanus put on a program titled “You Move, You Learn” which is movement that enables the right and left sides of the brain to work together. The bond issued passed

Prairie View (Annette Steffan): Only five teachers from Prairie View did not join NEA/NDEA/DLEA. State testing is coming up. Prairie View is getting new windows and doors. A new drainage system was put in.

Central Middle School (John McLaurin): Conferences will be held next week. Testing occurring. Band performance Wednesday, October 7th; Movie night was held for students; the new principal appears to be doing a great job; things are running smoothly. Prairie View and Minnie H will be having their Halloween party at CMS.

Devils Lake High School (Phyllis Kadrmas): Testing goes on and on and on. Parent-teacher conferences will be held next week. Practice times have been scheduled for standardized tests (ACT; PSAT). Phyllis said that she thought that as a result of grades 9 and 10 MAP testing this year, some good data will result. Great mood today in the high school because the Vikings won.

LACTC (Sarah Henschel and Marilyn Tong): Online students from other schools were invited for lunch on campus (LACTC). A new class is offered this year: Wind Turbine.

Old Business

Fun and recruitment committee: only one person responded

New Business

•List serve of full membership needs to be given to Kermit so that he can create a List Serve.

•President McLaurin will be meeting with Mr. Swiontek on Monday, October 12th to discuss a variety of issues/state of the state. Meetings were occur approximately once per month.

•Retirement issue: Teachers who have retired and then ten or fifteen years later get sued--are they covered by the school’s insurance? Yes.

•School Calendar: President McLaurin posed the question: “If we want to push the calendar back, will the organization support this?” John has heard from several parents (and teachers) that school starts too early. There is also a concern about the heat in the classrooms at the end of August. Phyllis stated that she would like to see us on a four day school week because of activities. Meetings, inservice, etc. could be held on Fridays. Discussion ensued about the pros and cons of a four day week.


•Nancy reminded members that one graduate credit can be taken at the ND Instructional Conference in October.
Nancy also stated that she has been working on updating the DLEA website.

•Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 10th at the LACTC in Room 301b (Sarah Henschel’s room).

A Motion to Adjourn was made by Kathy Lovseth; seconded by Jodi Lageine.

The meeting was adjourned at 4: 47 p.m.
9/15/09 > DLEA September Minutes
DLEA Minutes Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

President McLaurin brought the meeting to order at 4:20 p.m. Fourteen members were present. Since the treasurer was tied up in a staff meeting at her building, the minutes were dispensed with. The minutes from the previous meeting were also dispensed with since the last meeting of the 2008-2009 school year was a retirement party in honor of retiree Dave Magnuson.

Building reports were provided by one or more staff members from each school.

Minnie H (Maari Hanson): Book fair this week as well as Reading Night. Reading night provides an opportunity for teachers to explain their reading program to the parents of their students. Maari also reported that several families new to Devils Lake had enrolled their children in Minnie H. She added that although Preschool Special Needs joined Minnie H this year, there were no new staff this year.

Sweetwater (Jodi Lagesse): Sweetwater invited parents to come in and each lunch with their children. Jodi stated that ‘Dr. Jean’ was visiting Sweetwater to do an elementary presentation this Thursday (September 17th). Sweetwater had several new staff members this year. Jodi reported that Sweetwater is struggling in regard to membership in NEA.

Prairie View (Annette Steffan): Annette reported that she had recruited three new teachers to join NEA. She went on to say that first year teachers receive a $20.00 rebate of their national/state dues and that local dues are waived for the first year. Annette and another teacher usually qualify for a $50.00 recruitment award, but they keep it until Christmas and surprise the new teachers/recruits with some extra cash. Annette announced that Prairie View was getting new windows (that both open and close).

Central Middle School (Patty Kavli): Patty reported that a variety of activities were taking place at CMS. Next week parents are invited to join their children in their classrooms. Seventh grade students went to Fort Totten for ‘Historical Day’, 5th grade will be going to a Threshing Bee in Carrington this Friday (September 19th); CMS is working on a new attendance program, the ‘Back to School’ night received excellent attendance and a movie night was held for fifth and sixth graders and seventh/eighth graders. Movie night was a new idea and seems to have been successful. The movie, Remember the Titans, was shown to the students.
In addition to new staff, CMS also welcomed a new principal, Josh Johnson, this year.

Devils Lake High School (Phyllis Kadrmas): Phyllis informed the group that DLHS held their first Back to School night for parents. It was attended fairly well given that this was the first time it was held. Phylllis added that students are involved in a Kindness Retreat, and will participate in Courage Day. Activities which have taken place since the school year began include homecoming, coronation, and a Career fair for juniors and seniors, Additionally, Testing will soon begin at the high school. Jean Baird, DLHS counselor, informed the groups that all juniors will take the ACT test or Work Key test this year. Students will no longer have to pay to take the ACT test; the testing bill is instead footed by the school district. From these two tests will emerge two scholarships.
The structure of the music department has changed with the return of Glen Rygg (welcome back) serving in the role as mentor, Verna Brown as the new high school choir instructor, and Joe Wade taking over the high school instrumental music position.
Phyllis reported that three of the new teachers she had spoken to indicated that they were interested in joining NEA/NDEA/DLEA. She added that the new teachers appear to be doing well.

LACTC (Sarah Henschel): According to Sarah, the LACTC has three new teachers: auto tech., construction, and electronics. The electronics instructor is shared with the college (LACTC) and enables the LACTC to offer a new course opportunity to students (electronics).
Sarah added that at least five instructors at the LACTC currently teach a dual credit course.

Old Business: None

New Business
Following the building reports, President McLaurin asked if there was any new business. Sarah Henschel made the following motion: “I move that a committee of four to five members be formed to plan and promote the local organization in a ‘fun’ way.” The motion was seconded by Verna Brown. A voice vote was taken. Motion passed. Any DLEA member who wishes to be a member of the committee should email John McLaurin.
Discussion of how to retain and entice old and new members ensued as well as how to make DLEA meetings a priority? Several ideas were presented. Ideas included, but were not limited to, the following:
•Read across America week (a high school English class might, for example, have students read to elementary students; classrooms chosen to be read to have to be taught by a member of NEA)
•DLEA clothing
•Wear DLEA clothing on a certain day of the week or month
•Socials (keep golf tournament; consider other social get-togethers)
•Random drawings at meetings (if member wins and is not present, someone else’s name picked)
•Posters on teachers’ doors (similar to locker posters)
•DLEA bulletin board in every building
•Door prizes
•’Fun’ items in members’ mailboxes
•Silent auction at a meeting or social


A reminder was given to members present to be sure to vote on September 23rd and encourage others to vote as well. Brad Thompson stated that it was important that fellow teachers (and the public) know that DLEA has taken the position of supporting the Sweetwater addition.

The next meeting will be held at 4:15 p.m. on Tuesday, October 6th, at DLHS in room 113 (Phyllis Kadrmas’s room). Note: Due to goal setting and parent-teacher conferences, the regular meeting date (second Tuesday of the month) was moved up.

A motion to adjourn was made by Maari Hanson; seconded by Patty Kavili. The meeting was adjourned.

Treasurer’s Report: After the meeting, Sarah provided the officers present with the following monetary report:
Checking balance: $673.94
Money Market account: $2,457.67 (as of August 27th)
Sarah has a couple of checks to cash that will add to the afore-mentioned balances. No bills were presented. Sarah will provide the membership with an updated treasurer’s report at the next meeting.

Respectfully Submitted,

Michelle DeFoe, DLEA Secretary
5/10/05 > DLEA May Meeting Minutes
DLEA meeting minutes for May 10, 2005
Minnie H

Members present: Kevin Baumgarn, Maari Hanson, Dave Magnuson, Carol Gibson, Bev
Westphal, Doug Weberg, Linda Schwab, Russ Pearson, Brad Thompson, Sharon Cline, Doris Griffin, Elaine Fitzke,
Jay Schneider, Kathy Lovseth, Jodi Lagasse, Jeanne Aasand, Marilynn Tong, and Tammy Meyer .

President Baumgarn called the meeting to order at 4:15 pm. Motion made and seconded to accept the April minutes.

Treasurers report - The checking account has a balance of $3,180.96. The Share
Account has $32.60. The Money Market Account has $1,022.78. (See attached sheet for more information.)

Retirees Honored - Cake was served and clocks were given to this years DLEA members who are retiring.
Congratulations to Bev Westphal, Doug Weberg, Russ Pearson, and Linda Schwab.
The elementary teachers will also be honored at the Great Northern Bldg on Tuesday, May 17 from 4:00 - 5:30.
Doug will be honored on the 19 at LACTC.

Building Reports:
High School - They are celebrating Spring Days this week. Dash for Cash was
sponsored by the Student Council.
CMS - No report given.
MH, SW, PV - Brenda Ehrmantraut was the guest author this year at all three
elementary schools. She shared
information on writing and publishing books. She is the author of two children's
books: I Want One Too and Night Cat
SW - The school board held their monthly meeting at Sweetwater and were provided a tour of the classrooms.
LACTC - Kathy Tweed's class did a wonderful job of providing refreshments at the Teacher Appreciation Reception.

Other Business -
Collaborative Bargaining -Members are being asked to vote on this years' proposal. Some of the items include:
Adding $700 to the base, covering the health insurance increase of 13.35 percent,
coverage of SS and TFFR, Changing life insurance policy coverage from $25,000 to $50,000. (See following sheet for other items.)

Spring Golf Date - The Golf Outing will be held on May 20 starting at 5:00

Relay for Life - Feel free to join the team at their campsite or join them for a few
laps that night.

Election of Officers - A unanimous ballot was cast for the officers to remain the
same for next year.
President - Kevin Baumgarn
Vice-President - Dave Magnuson
Secretary - Kathy Lovseth Treasurer - Marilynn Tong

New Business
School Board Election - Ed Brown, Kevin Regan, and Steve Halldorson are running for the school board. The election will take place on June 7.

Collaborative Bargaining Minutes - A motion was made and seconded that Michelle DeFoe be paid $200 for this
year and $200 for last year for taking the CB minutes. We appreciate her effort and
detailed reports.

Meeting adjourned at 5:10

Next Meeting - The next meeting will be next September.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Lovseth

5/04/05 > Collaborative Meeting Minutes
Collaborative Bargaining Minutes
May 4th, 2005
Administrative Offices
7:00 a.m.

Kevin Baumgaren opened the collaborative bargaining session at 7:00 a.m. Scott Privratsky moved to approve the minutes of the previous meeting. Brad Thompson seconded the motion. Minutes were approved.

The first item of discussion centered on legislative action. Those present expressed their disappointment in the lack of adequate funding for education.

Scott provided an overview regarding legislative action affecting education. He began with a discussion of calendar days by stating that the legislature basically removed NDEA Instructional Conference as two paid days beginning with the 2006 school year. Scott passed out a calendar showing current calendar days for the Devils Lake school district. Scott stated that teachers’ school contracts are for 183 days with two storm days built in. He stated that the board wished to keep the contract at 183 days with two storm days built in. Beginning with the 2006-2007 school year, the two days previously paid for the NDEA Teacher’s Instructional Conference would change to professional development (which qualify as instructional) days. This change would require omitting the 2 NDEA days as currently listed under ARTICLE X. SCHOOL CALENDAR in the Master contract.

The current Master contract breaks down the school calendar (for 2004-2005) as follows:
173 Student contact days
2 Storm days
2 NDEA days
2 Conference days
3 Holidays
3 In-service/Contract Days
- 2 Unused Storm Days

With NDEA days no longer counted as paid professional development days, the school calendar would change to the following:
173 Student contact days
2 Storm days
2 Conference days
3 Holidays
5 Staff development/in-service/conference days
- 2 Unused Storm Days

Page 2

Although legislation (eliminating NDEA Instruction Conference) will not take effect until the 2006-2007 school year, the board wishes to stipulate (at this time) how the days will be used so that the following year’s school calendar can be planned. Waiting until spring of 2006 for collaborative bargaining to occur will hold up the calendar for the following school year.

Jay Schneider questioned, “What might happen in 2007-2008 (with the legislature)?”

Scott replied: “Every time legislation changes you would not have to change contract language because state law would take precedence.”

Jay asked for clarification, “It would be up to the individual teacher if they wanted to attend the conference?”

Scott replied: “Non-paid days; no school (referring to the NDEA Instructional Conference).” He went on to add that possible days for the added staff development days (beginning with the 2006-2007 school year) would be one pre-service day and one on Martin Luther King day.

Kevin added that as long as the two new in-service days were meaningful, this would likely be agreeable. He went on to state that several teachers had approached him about using one of these new in-service days as a teacher workday so that teachers can get ‘caught up’. Rather than make it a required in-service, make it a required day of work at the school. “

Scott responded by stating, “I think that we’re leaving it a little bit open by including those days as conference days (5 Staff development/in-service/conference days).”
Scott added, “Meaningful—that type of day becomes meaningful for some and becomes something different for others.”

Brad Thompson affirmed what Kevin had said about a teacher workday. Brad talked about the mounds of paperwork that just keep piling up and how nice it would be to have the opportunity to spend a day just getting caught up on paperwork. Brad stated that a day just to work in one’s classroom is necessary due to the fact that many staff take a lot of school related work home and spend three to four hours in the evening working on it. It would really be nice for us to just spend a day doing paperwork.”

Jay said that he wasn’t completely sure what the options were regarding the in-service days and the Master contract.

Scott replied, “It used to be that you had more time for prep. in the classroom to get things done; maybe with these extra in-service days it would provide an opportunity to get some things done for NCLB.”

Page 3

Jay stated, “When NDEA is near Devils Lake many of our teachers go; if it’s in Bismarck, it’s a little further so less are likely to go. I do a lot of schoolwork on those days; it’s been piling up. I’m a fan of Martin Luther King Day (having it off), but I really wouldn’t want to see us go into June. I’d rather be done where we’re at (in May) if not earlier. In-services need to be as meaningful for everyone as possible. I don’t know what other options we have.”

Brad: “The way this lays out (new calendar)—it’s a good way to start it out and see if it works.”

For making the change in the master contract, Scott suggested putting both calendars in the master contract—the calendar for 2005-2006 and next to it, the calendar for 2006-2007.

Steve Boone added, “There’s not a lot of options; not a lot of wiggle room.”

Jay stated that it wouldn’t be a good idea to put all in-service days right at the beginning of the school year, but instead to space them out over the course of the year.

Curt: “I’m in agreement with the way it is laid out.”

Kevin: “Moving on to dollars. Money, Money, Money!”

Scott: “I have a lot of information. Health insurance rates have been confirmed. I don’t like sending this out every year (increase). May paychecks will include information regarding the new health insurance rates since these rates become effective July 2005.”

Scott explained that although health insurance went up 13.5%, this increase was for the next two years so that next year we won’t have to deal with an increase.

According to Scott, insurance for the next two years is as follows:

Health Insurance will increase 13.35%. The Single cost will go from $245.89 to $278.70 and the Family cost will go from $606.72 to $687.70. That means that if you have a family policy through DLPS of which a Single is provided, your monthly out-of-payroll (flexed) expense will go from $360.83 to $409.00, an increase of $48.17.

Dental Insurance will increase 2.15%. The Single cost will go from $33.90 to $34.60 and the Family cost will go from $88.40 to $90.30. That means that if you have a family policy through DLPS of which a Single is provided, your monthly out-of-payroll (flexed) expense will go from $54.50 to $55.70, an increase of $1.20.

Jay asked, “If the teacher (employee) doesn’t have family insurance through the district, does the school use that number for determining the total budget for health insurance cost?
Page 4

Scott replied, “The number is calculated as closely as possible with the number on (using the insurance benefit) the previous year and trying to make an accurate assessment as to how many will be on next year.”

Scott added, “Dental didn’t go up as much as possible; vision didn’t really change. This year the district cost per employee for health, dental, and vision insurance was $3,457.08. Next year, the cost for the district per employee for health, dental and vision (based on cost of single policies which the district currently pays) will be $3,859.20, an increase of $402.12 per year per employee.”

Discussion then moved to lane changes. Scott stated that twenty-two staff members have submitted a request for a lane change for the upcoming school year. If each member who submitted a request makes a lane change, the cost to the district will be $26,134.50 (including social security and teacher’s retirement). Scott added that generally 75% of those who put in for a lane change will make the change.

Regarding the salary schedule, Scott suggested that the collaborative bargaining team members look at a proposal that would be (hopefully) feasible. The proposal provides the following:

•Step Increase
•13.35% Health and 2.15% Dental Insurance Increase
•Life Insurance Benefit Increase to $50,000.00
•$700.00 Increase to Base

This proposal amounts to a 4.16% total percentage increase (this figure does not include lane changes).

The co-curricular salary schedule (for 2005-2006) with a base of $22,800 will show an increase 8.23% (overall). A request was made to add the position of Senior Class Advisor to the 0.0075 co-curricular (which most schools pay for). None of the team members objected to adding this position to the co-curricular salary schedule.

The team then examined figures detailing changes from the final 2004-2005 budget to the preliminary 2005-2006 budget. Extra costs of $565,974.00 will be incurred in 2005-2006 for the following:

•Early retirement salaries ($28,255.00)
•$50,000 Death Benefit for Life Insurance ($16,000.00)
•Disability Insurance premium increase .24 to .30% ($4,500.00)
•Water/Sewer/Garbage City Rate Increase ($15,700.00)
•Burdick and Memorial Building Facility Rental ($3,000.00)
•Uniform (Activities) purchase(s) ($5,000.00)
•Purch serv—Audit as per bid ($2,000.00)
LRSE—Purch Serv—Instruct ($12,279.00 estimated costs)
LRSE—Purch Serv—BD Care—Reduction in cost of $50,360.00
Technology—Supplies (due to Title II-D reduction) ($10,000.00)
Page 5

Technology—Travel (due to Title II-D reduction) ($300.00)
Technology—Purch Serv Internet (estimated cost) ($300.00)
DLHS English/Library position ($17,000-Para-Overloads)
Special Ed Staff Increase—1/2 Certified and 1 Classified ($37,000.00)
Administrative Restructure—Full AD/DLHS and MH/CMS Principal ($60,000.00)
Salary/Benefit Changes—Contracts and Agreements + $700.00 to Base ($405,000.00)

In contrast to an increase in expenditures for 2005-2006, revenue gains will not be enough to cover these increases. The change (preliminary) in expenditures for 2005-2006 is projected to be $565,974.00 while the change in revenue (preliminary) is anticipated at $424,942.13.

According to Scott, the worst case scenario would be a deficit next year of $461,914.43. This would result in a carry over of only 6.2%. Current board policy is that 10% be carried over.

Scott stated, “We hope that the deficit won’t play out this badly. If you carry a deficit and there is no new money coming from the state the 2nd year, we will need some help in the 2nd year financially.”

Program and budget cuts were briefly discussed by bargaining team members, but no conclusions were reached.

Curt: “We’d like to see $1,000 on the base (board members had discussed this prior to this meeting); as we got through the legislative session and our favorite bill was flushed, our discussion became pretty somber. One way of showing legislators that we’re in trouble is to show them (legislators) that we are in need of money. In my estimation this proposal is a stretch, but we might be able to pull it off.”

Steve Boone stated, “In the old days, with what we are looking at regarding the interim balance, we would probably have started at a lower number. Rather than go back and forth, we felt that we can offer this in good faith and try to sell it to the board. It’s going to leave us in a difficult position regarding the interim fund; hopefully it will come in differently and we can make adjustments. We wanted to come to the table with the best we thought we could possibly do. It’s really not something that I am really comfortable with, but I’m not sure if anyone actually gets what he or she hopes for or is comfortable with.”

Curt said, “ I had in mind $500 and that was pathetic; then we discussed $600 and Steve suggested $700.00. I hate leaving the board this year with what the district will have to deal with next year. It’s going to be a tough stretch next year.”

Steve: “The really scary part is next year.”

Curt: “I guess I was feeling really optimistic with the legislature coming through with more money.”

Jay: “There’s no way that we can divide it up more equally over the next two years?”
Page 6

Scott: “We could offer $400 instead. We know that we are not the best paid teachers in the state. We wanted to put our best foot forward and do the best we can.”

Scott added, “Hardly any new monies for next year; we will have to depend upon interim fund carry over for next year.

Steve: “The lawsuit won’t change anything by next year (won’t be settled).”

Scott: “A lot of things can happen in a year regarding staff and taxable valuation.”

Kevin: “Do you want us to take this to the membership as an offer?”

Scott: “That’s what we would like. The next school board meeting is on May 9th.”

Kevin: “We’d have to put this to a vote. DLEA meets on the 10th of May. “ In the meantime, Kevin suggested that collaborative bargaining team members speak to as many teachers as possible regarding the proposal. He also stated that he would hold meetings in each school building so that the bargaining proposal could be communicated before the DLEA meeting.

The Collaborative Bargaining team will meet again on the 18th of May at 7:00 a.m. with Curt Sinness acting as Chair. If possible, team members will try to wrap up everything at this meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle DeFoe, Recorder
4/05/05 > DLEA April Meeting Minutes
DLEA meeting minutes for April 5, 2005 DLHS

Members present: Kevin Baumgarn, Maari Hanson, Dave Magnusson, Dennis Flynn,
Jay Schneider, Kathy Lovseth, Jodi Lagasse, Jeanne Aasand, Marilynn Tong, .

President Baumgarn called the meeting to order at 4:19 pm. Motion made and seconded to accept the March minutes.

Treasurers report - The checking account will have $3,573.69 after the final payment
to NDEA is made. The Share Account has $32.52. The Money Market Account has
$1,020.75. (See attached sheet for more information.)

Building Reports:
High School - Speech and Drama did well at state. Winter activity banquets are being held. Mr. DLHS pageant is
coming up next week. The Academic Awards banquet will be held in May.
CMS - They celebrated students' achievement during Dragon Days.
MH, SW, PV - The elementary schools will be having an Artist in Residence, Author
Visit, and Kindergarten Orientation. Kathy Lovseth will be the new library media specialist for all three schools next year.
MH - They celebrated the 3rd quarter attendance party by having students march as Mike DeFoe played a cadence.
Family Fun Night will be held in April.
SW - They had a good attendance for Tech Day.
PV - No report given.
LACTC - The restaurant will be open from 8:00 - 1:00. Three students attended the
FBLA conference. Kyle Schneider placed in the competition.

Other Business -
Collaborative Bargaining - The committee is not meeting with the board until the
Legislature determines funding, possibly on April 20. Several items have been settled: Outside contact time, Assistant coaches attending workshops, Substitute rates for in-building teachers went from $15 - $20, date for lane change was added to the
contract language.
Representative Assembly - The assembly will be held on April 15 & 16 in Bismarck.
Kevin Baumgarn and Maari Hanson plan to attend. There is room for one or two more. Let Kevin know if you are interested in attending.

Spring Golf Date - The date is not yet set, but we plan to continue this event.

Retirees - Russ Pearson, Bev Westphal, Linda Schwab, and Doug Weberg will be honored at the next meeting.
Jeanne will be in charge of the cake. Jodi will ask Carol Gibson to order the clocks.

Relay for Life - We are still looking for members to be on the team.

Election of Officers - Nominations are needed for Vice-President and Secretary.

Meeting adjourned at 4:58.

Next Meeting - The next meeting will be at 4:15 on Tuesday, May 10 at Minnie H,
Maari Hanson's room.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Lovseth

3/23/05 > Collaborative Meeting Minutes
Collaborative Bargaining Minutes
March 23rd, 2005
Administrative Offices
7:00 a.m.

Curt Sinness opened the second session of collaborative bargaining at 7:00 a.m. Minutes were approved as read. The first area examined referred to Problem Statement #2.

Problem Statement #2

The Devils Lake Public School System needs to reward teachers that put in time outside of the normal contract time (i.e. specific subject night, concerns, etc.) that these teachers are required to attend.

For the sake of clarification, Scott Prirvatsky recommended the following change to Article VIII, Section VI of the Master Contract (Section VI would be added to Article VIII, Teacher Work Load).

Article VIII, Section VI

Teachers will be paid an hourly rate for required district times outside of the regular contract time. Items to be included, but not limited to, are elementary music concerts, technology nights, math nights, and reading nights.

All six members of the collaborative bargaining team agreed to the change in language.

Privratsky then passed out handouts dealing with the district budget. Handouts dealt with a ‘Breakdown of Funding for DLPS’ for 2005-2006 and 2006-2007. It should be noted that revenue amounts for both school years are estimated projections. An additional handout examined the 2004-2005 budget. This handout reflected budgeted expenses, the final budgeted revenue, and a preliminary 2005-2006 budget outcome.

•2004-2005 Final Budget Expenses: $12,958,602.73.

Projected increases in the 2005-2006 Budget included:

•An increase in the district’s water bill of $15,700.00 for 2005-2006 and two subsequent years.

•Activity Uniforms: Adding a line item for uniforms ($5,000.00 to be budgeted in 2005-2006).

•Purchase Service for Audit: this will increase from $4,000.00 (2004-2005) to $6,000.00.

•Increase in Lake Region Special Education Purchase of Services: $12,279.00.

•Increase in Technology funding of $10,000.00 for 2005-2006 due to the Title II-D Reduction in Funding.

•Add Devils Lake High School English or Library position at an estimated cost of $17,000.00 (hire full time English or full time Library position).
~page 2

•Increase Special Education Staff (1/2 certified and 1classified staff) at a cost of $37,000.00.

•Administrative Restructure: Add full time Activities Director/DLHS and Full time Minnie H/CMS Principal. Projected cost: $60,000.00

•Other projected increases for 2005-2006 include early retirement salaries, life insurance, disability insurance, vehicles, and rental of facilities.

Total projected changes = $160,974.99 in increases.

Privratsky also handed out projected revenues for 2005-2006 and 2006-2007. Those present agreed that the revenue situation is depressing.

Privratsky stated that a $320,000.00 deficit was projected for the current school year, although he hoped that this would not come to pass.

Discussion then revolved around how much money is kept in reserve and the board policy of keeping 10% in reserve. Privratsky explained that 10% really isn’t’ that much when one considers that 10% is the minimum carryover recommended. He added that payroll alone is over $700,000.00.

The possibility of a two year agreement regarding bargaining was also briefly discussed. The general agreement was that at this point in time it would probably be best for both parties concerned to go for a one year agreement.

Curt Sinness stated, “We wanted to go for a two year agreement, but when the house bill went down…”

Jay Schneider echoed Sinness by saying: “There’s way too much that can change in a year’s time.” He provided the example of the change in gas prices and how this affects transportation costs.

Scott Privratsky said, “An increase on the base salary is still a priority for us (board).” He added that like for the board on #4 (have to wait for legislature to see what they do).

Kevin Baumgaren commented, “Without any funds, I don’t know how far we can go (with shortening the salary schedule) and still try to be as fair as we can to the retiring group.”

Privratsky spoke to the importance of increasing the base due to more retirements, an aging staff, and the difficulty in recruiting teachers.

Sinness stated, “ The required base is $21,500.00. I think that the board wants to still keep that moving in order to remain competitive.”

It was then agreed that until the legislature finishes, not much more could be accomplished regarding collaborative bargaining.

~page 3

Privratsky stated, “We’ve got pretty much everything taken care of until the legislature gets done.”

Baumgaren agreed, “The longer they take, the longer it takes us.”

At this point the next meeting time was tentatively set for 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday, April 6th at the Administrative Offices. If the legislature has not made any advancement towards completing the k-12 Education Funding Package by this date, the meeting will be rescheduled for a later date (Wednesday, April 20th).

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle DeFoe, Recorder
3/02/05 > Collaborative Meeting Minutes
Collaborative Bargaining Minutes
March 2nd, 2005
Administrative Offices

Brad Thompson opened the second session of collaborative bargaining at 7:00 a.m. Kevin Baumgaren moved to approve the minutes of the last meeting. The motion was seconded by Curt Sinness. Unanimous vote; minutes were approved.
Thompson began the bargaining session with DLEA’s Problem Statement #2.

Problem Statement #2

The Devils Lake Public School System needs to reward teachers that put in time outside of the normal contract time (i.e. specific subject night, concerns, etc.) that these teachers are required to attend.

Thompson stated that the concern regarding pay for time outside of the school day comes basically from elementary staff. Kevin Baumgaren said that the elementary teachers had come up with five nights that they were currently not being reimbursed for. These evenings include: Math Night, Spring Fling, and Title Reading Night.
Jay Schneider expressed his concern about this issue by posing the question, “Where will it end? I think that the nights are important, but we need to make sure that we don’t get carried away. I think it is important that we remember that teachers do have lives outside of the classroom. Schneider added that while compensation is a great idea, he worried that extra duties would be added because of compensation. He finished by stating, “It’s a start and I think it is important that they (teachers) get compensated. We all do our own things, whether TAT meetings or other early morning meetings. We need to keep it all in prospective.”
Curt Sinness added a concern of his own by saying that if outside time should continue to expand and grow, a line would have to be drawn at some point.
Brad Thompson stated, “Now early mornings are also being required and child care is a concern for many. Rather than compensate, many just want to see it (time outside of the school contract) discontinued.”
Jay Schneider responded with, “Time is sometimes more valuable than money. Have any numbers been thrown out regarding compensation?”
Scott Privratsky answered Schneider’s question by stating, “$18.00 is currently paid for hourly teacher pay. At five nights a year with elementary staff, at two hours per night, this would be about $15,680.00 (includes TFFR and Social Security). This number reflects certified staff. This number is just an estimate.”
Curt Sinness asked, “Could we identify the nights that would be reimbursable and any additional nights would be addressed later?”
Brad Thompson responded, “Right now the definition (for extra time) is open to interpretation from building to building. There isn’t consensus from anywhere as to what’s going on.”
Steve Boone questioned, “How do you determine what is extra time?”
Brad Thompson attempted to define extra time by saying, “Some duties are expected as that is what you need to do (IEP’s, 504’s, TAT’s, etc.).”

~page 2

Curt Sinness questioned, “Do we need to redefine the problem statement?” (The current problem statement doesn’t say anything about excess time.)
Brad Thompson asked, “As a district, how much of these outside times can we afford to pay for?”
Jay Schneider posed the question, “Do you think that we need different terminology?”
Curt Sinness suggested, “Maybe we should rephrase just a little bit just for clarification.”
Brad Thompson stated, “The people that volunteer are usually the people that volunteer all of the time. They’ll stop volunteering if too many demands are made.”
Jay Schneider asked, “Do you want to put a number on the number of nights and the number of dollars?”
Scott Privratsky suggested, “I think it’s a good idea to have the nights delineated so there is not any question.”
Privratsky then questioned, “Could we move on at this time to the DLEA problem statement #3 and perhaps we can deal with both statements at the same time?

Problem Statement #3

The Devils Lake Public School System should grant assistant coaches/advisors with a professional day to attend a specific clinic to enhance their coaching.

Scott Privratsky requested clarification by asking if the word ‘assistant’ meant all assistant coaches or just varsity assistant coaches.
Jay Schneider responded by saying, “I’d like to see as many assistants as I can get. All clinics I attend have good fundamentals for all ages and all levels. If we have to limit, we could limit to high school.”
Schneider added, “It’s a nice deal (to allow assistants to attend clinics). “It’s good to learn fundamentals, get staff camaraderie, and good for assistants who may become head coaches. Right now there is nothing in the language that states that an assistant could attend (a clinic) using professional leave.”
Schneider, “Would varsity assistants include freshman assistants?”
Privratsky responded, “Probably not.”
Schneider asked, “Did we ever get any numbers on how many head coaches have used this (professional leave to attend clinics) in the past?”
Privratsky stated, “Dollars are not the big concern; it’s the time away from the classroom. If this (problem statement #3) is put in (put into the master contract), I would like to see it limited to one professional day per year (since some coaches coach three activities).
Schneider added, “Somewhere along the line you’d need to choose which one (clinic) to go to.”
Discussion then turned to the handout that was provided by Privratsky dealing
with DLEA problem statements #2 and #3. The handout included information regarding

~page 3

paying an hourly rate (going rate) for required time outside of the regular contract time. Outside times included were listed as elementary music concerts, technology nights, math nights, reading nights, and Spring Flings. If accepted, this would go under Article VIII of the Master Contract.

Scott Privratsky also provided a handout for discussion regarding DLEA problem statement #3.

After reading the handout, Kevin Baumgaren commented that only clarification was needed (regarding which assistants would be able to attend clinics).

Jay Schneider stated, “I don’t have a problem with what’s here (on the handout).”

A tentative agreement was made to go with the statement that Privratsky has written regarding reimbursement for activities outside school time (activities which were listed above) and the statement allowing varsity assistants and/or advisors to use professional leave to attend a clinic. Two problem statements are now possibly done.

Brad Thompson asked, “Scott, where do you want to start? #2 #3?”

Privratsky provided a handout regarding School Board problem statements #2 and #3.

Article VIII. Teacher Work Load. (Problem Statement #2)

Section 3. Substitute Work

Teachers within the school district who substitute for another teacher within the school district shall receive $20.00 per period.

Brad Thompson questioned, “ What is the policy for a retired teacher working as a paraprofessional who subs for a teacher? Why couldn’t they get paid at teacher wages? I can think of one person (retired teacher) who is a paraprofessional who doesn’t get ‘teacher’ pay.

Scott Privratsky answered Thompson’s question by stating, “If you’re hired as a para, that is the position you’ve decided to take.

Those present decided to tentatively accept Article VIII as written.

Privratsky then brought up Problem Statement #3 dealing with lane change notification. He stated that this problem basically clarifies lane changes and extends the date for getting verification (of credits earned) to the district office by the first day of school in the fall.

~page 4

The new language would read as follows. (See reproduction of handout below.)

Article III.

Section 2. Lane Changes on the Salary Schedule

Staff members anticipating a lane change for the upcoming school year must submit a letter to the district office indicating that sufficient credits will be earned to merit a lane change on the salary schedule. This letter must be submitted to the district office prior to May 1st.

Staff members who have received sufficient credits to change lanes must submit a transcript for verification to the district office by the first day of school in the fall. Payroll reflecting lane changes will be processed only if verification is received by September 1st.

Credits applied to lane changes must be for graduate semester hours taken.

Note: The last sentence is the first paragraph of ARTICLE III. Section 1 could be deleted so that Section 1. would refer to Credit for Experience and Section 2 would refer to Lane Changes on the Salary Schedule.

After tentatively agreeing upon the new language for Articles VIII and III, Thompson stated, “That’s a wrap. Well done, Mr. Privratsky!”

The next collaborative meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 23rd at 7:00 a.m. in the administrative office area. Steve Boone will facilitate the next meeting.

This session of collaborative bargaining was adjourned at 7:40 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle DeFoe, Recorder
3/01/05 > DLEA March Meeting Minutes
DLEA meeting minutes for March 1, 2005

Members present: Kevin Baumgarn, Maari Hanson, Tammy Meyer, Dave Magnusson,
Brad Thompson, Jay Schneider, Brad Hintz, Kathy Lovseth, Jodi Lagasse, Jeanne Aasand, Erin Lacina, Marilynn Tong, Elizabeth Evans, Suzann Sinness, Kim Krogfoss. Tara Risinger, a student teacher, was a guest.

President Baumgarn called the meeting to order at 4:15 pm. Motion made and seconded to accept the February minutes with one correction. About $815 was raised for Relay for Life; instead
of $915 as previously recorded.

Treasurers report - The checking account has a balance of $14,653.15. The Share
Account has $32.52. The Money Market Account has $1,017.35.

Marilynn will check to see how many payments are still due this year.

Building Reports:
High School - Nearly $1300 was raised for Pennies for Patients by students and
staff. This organization does cancer research, emphasizing leukemia.
CMS - They had winners in both the MathCounts and Spelling Bee.
MH - Darren Sheldon is now at Minnie H full-time. Tabitha Bachmeier is the new
SW - They held a Reading Fair to celebrate Reading Month. The 1-4 Drama will perform on March 17.
Tech Day will be held on March 18.
PV - No report given.
LACTC - They held a welding demonstration for parents.

Teacher of the Quarter - Jim Samson is the DLEA Teacher for this quarter.

Other Business -
Collaborative Bargaining - Kevin and other members from the Collective Bargaining
Committee gave an update to the proceedings. The discussion was started two weeks ago. Many items were discussed including:
higher base salary, sick leave bank, health insurance, reimbursement for required
extra hours, and shortened salary. The DLEA problem statements for the 2005 year
#1: The Devils Lake Public School System must increase the base salary to
remain competitive with other school districts.
#2: The Devils Lake Public School System needs to reward teachers that put
in time outside of the normal contract time (i.e. specific subject night, concerts, etc.) that these teachers are required to attend.
#3: The Devils Lake Public School System should grant assistant
coaches/advisors with a professional
day to attend a specific clinic to enhance their coaching.
#4: The Collaborative Bargaining Team needs to look at shortening the salary schedule

The School Board problem statements for the 2005 year are:
#1: To recruit and retain quality teachers, the Devils Lake Public School
Board would like to improve the base salary of the current salary schedule.
#2: Due to the shortage of substitutes and to keep more consistent with the
daily substitute rate, the Devils Lake Public School Board would like to increase the per period amount to $20.00 in
ARTICLE VIII, Section 3 of the Master Contract.
#3: To increase communications and reduce confusion, the Devils Lake Public
School Board would like to include the May 1st deadline for lane changes in the Master contract.
#4: Due to the increased requirements of NCLB, the Devils Lake Public School Board would like to increase the number of days in the Master Contract for Professional Development.

Representative Assembly - The assembly will be held on April 15 & 16 in Bismarck.
Let Kevin know if you are interested in attending.

Meeting adjourned at 5:20.

Next Meeting - The next meeting will be at 4:15 on Tuesday, April 5 at Devils Lake
High School, room 205 .

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Lovseth
2/16/05 > Collaborative Meeting Minutes
Collaborative Bargaining Minutes
February 16th, 2005
Administrative Offices

Scott Privratsky opened the first session of collaborative bargaining at 8:00 a.m. The collaborative bargaining team consists of Jay Schneider, Brad Thompson, Kevin Baumgarn, Curt Sinness, Steve Boone, and Scott Privratsky. Brad Hintz will serve as an alternative collaborative bargaining team member for DLEA.
Scott distributed and went over the collaborative bargaining guidelines which were agreed upon by all present. The guidelines include taping (cassette tape) each bargaining session. Additionally, it was decided that the business office would notify the press regarding upcoming meetings dates, time, location, and agenda. The team agreed to make a good faith effort to conclude and finalize the bargaining process by April 15th, 2005.
Scott brought up the idea of looking at a two-year agreement. Kevin stated that he thought that a two year agreement would be beneficial for both parties provided that language were put into the agreement to ensure that should funding (through the court or legislation) change, either party could reopen the bargaining.
After agreeing upon the bargaining guidelines, Scott provided a report from the Benefits Committee, of which he is a member. Since the Sick Leave Bank was discussed during the collaborative session last year, and agreed by the 2004 bargaining team to be re-examined, Scott provided a summary of the most recent meeting of this committee (12/09/04. Scott stated that the Benefits Committee will not meet again this school year and will make the following recommendations to the 2005 collaborative bargaining team.

Benefits Committee Recommendations

•Leave the sick bank policy as is.
•Increase the life insurance benefit amount to $50,000.00 at an estimated annual cost of $15, 624.00, or about $57.00 per employee.

In regard to the Benefits Committee, Jay Schneider raised the question regarding how 125 days was decided upon regarding unused sick leave. He added that he liked being paid for unused sick leave (over 125 days) as it shows that the school district recognizes that it is better for the teacher to be in the classroom than a substitute. Schneider further stated that in order to take advantage of this benefit, a teacher must be employed by the school district for thirteen years without taking a single sick day.
In response to the questions raised by Jay, Scott stated that 125 is a standard number for many school districts regarding the number of days which must be accumulated before unused sick days are reimbursed. When the school district initially began this benefit, many employees at the time had accumulated 120 to 125 plus days. Scott further stated that he looks at these days as a health insurance policy that he hopes he will never have to use. Additionally, the current policy saves the school district on substitute costs.
Jay commented on the idea of raising the current life insurance policy. He stated that raising the life insurance benefit to $50,000 is a relatively small cost (approximately $5.00 per employee per month). Brad Thompson agreed with Jay, stating that $25,000.00 does not cover a lot regarding death costs. Steve Boone pointed out that because some individuals may not be able to get life insurance on their own, this district benefit (life insurance) guarantees that they will have some type of coverage. Scott then asked the question, “Is it agreeable to everybody to increase the Life Insurance Benefit amount to $50,000.00?” All team members agreed. In regard to the Sick Bank Policy, Scott asked if the consensus from the team was to leave it as it is. Consensus was received.

Following the discussion regarding the Benefits Committee issues, Scott passed out the Problem Statements presented by the school board.

Problem Statement #1

To recruit and retain quality teachers, the Devils Lake Public School Board would like to improve the base salary of the current salary schedule.

Problem Statement #2

Due to the shortage of substitutes and to keep more consistent with the daily substitute rate, the DLP S School Board would like to increase the per period amount to $20.00 in Article VIII, Section 3 of the Master Contract.

Problem Statement #3

To increase communication and reduce confusion, The Devils Lake Public School Board would like to include the May 1st deadline for lane changes in the Master Contract.

Problem Statement #4

Due to the increased requirements of ‘No Child Left Behind’ (NCLB), the Devils Lake Public School Board would like to increase the number of days in the Master Contract for Professional Development.

Rationale for Problem Statements

Scott provided a brief rationale and/or explanation for each of the problem statements.

For Problem Statement #1, Scott passed out the 2004-2005 salary schedule for DLPS and a 2005-2006 DLPS salary schedule. The latter document illustrates what a step increase amount to (including TFFR, insurance, and a step). The total amount adds up to $143,276.49.

In regard to the co-curricular salary schedule, coaches with five to ten years of experience will make a lateral move. Assuming that all co-curricular coaches and advisors made a lateral move, the total cost for 2005-2006 would be 4.81% or $10, 836.36.

An additional handout examined the current base, cost of step increase, cost of base increase, H/D/V (health, dental, vision) insurance estimated increase, and average increase per full time employee. The projected insurance increase is 13% for health and 8% for dental.

Regarding Problem Statement #2 (raise sub pay to $20.00 per period), Scott said that after TFFR and other deductions are taken, one doesn’t always see much of the sub pay. Increasing sub pay to $20.00, according to Scott, would result in a few extra dollars in one’s paycheck as well as assist in getting in-house subs since subs seem to be getting harder and harder to get.

Jay agreed with Scott, stating that an increase in-house substitute pay would help to entice teachers to sub. Brad pointed out that fortunately, when a substitute cannot be found by the secretaries, the high school staff has been very good at covering for a teacher.
The rationale Problem Statement #3 (May 1st added to the Master Contract as deadline for submitting lane change intent) is that by adding May 1st to the Master Contract, communication with staff would be doubled regarding the lane change request deadline. Scott added that because staff in the past have not realized that they are past the deadline, it might help increase awareness if the deadline were put into the Master Contract.

In response to this, Jay added that teachers who think they might be able to move over should put in for a lane change even if they do not get the anticipated credits. Since Jay himself missed the deadline, he stated that he did not want anyone else to learn the lesson this way. Jay reiterated that staff would be wise to submit an intent for a lane change even if they aren’t sure that they will be able to get the hours.

Scott explained the reason for Problem Statement #4 (increasing contract days) by saying that because of the additional requirements of NCLB, more assessments, etc., more staff in-service and/or development days are needed.

The DLEA Problem Statements were presented after brief discussion of the Problem Statements presented by the School Board.

2005 DLEA Collaborative Bargaining Problem Statements

Problem Statement #1

The Devils Lake Public School System must increase the base salary to remain competitive with other school districts.

Problem Statement #2

The Devils Lake Public School System needs to reward teachers that put in time outside of normal contract time (i.e. concerts, specific subject night, etc.) that these teachers are required to attend.

Problem Statement #3

The Devils Lake Public School System should grant assistant coaches/advisors with a professional day to attend a specific clinic to enhance their coaching.

Problem Statement #4
The Collaborative Bargaining team needs to look at shortening the salary schedule.

After the presentation of the problem statements, brief discussion was held. Kevin further explained problem statement #3 by stating that a number of coaches had approached the bargaining team about this problem. Current contract language grants the head coach one day to attend either the state tournament or a clinic. Nothing is in place for assistant coaches. Assistants need to be able to attend a clinic or workshop to become better at what they are hired to do.

Brad echoed Kevin by saying that at the current time nothing in the contract enables assistant coaches/advisors the means to better themselves.

Kevin further stated that many of the coaching seasons are long. He said, “You need to have something to improve yourself and have something to look forward to. Something to think about; look at.”

Scott added, “All head coaches and advisors will be granted one day to attend a clinic and/or state tournament. On the other hand, we need to protect the classroom time. Think, for example, of the teacher who coaches two to three activities who will miss class for competitions plus then miss additional days for state tournaments and/or a clinic.

Curt Sinness remarked, “I’ve always appreciated the efforts of the booster clubs. Without them, we wouldn’t have all of the activities that we do. I don’t have a problem with further discussion. Let’s look at the number of days we are looking at and the number of people involved.”

Jay posed the question, “How many head coaches actually used professional leave for a clinic?”

Scott responded, “The money is secondary to me; the classroom time is more important.”

Brad suggested, “Kevin, as a head coach, should be able to tell one of his assistants that he (assistant) needs to attend a specific clinic. Especially for varsity assistants.”

The focus then turned to Problem Statement #4 (shortening the salary schedule). Kevin suggested that the bargaining team take a look at shortening the salary schedule again as this would enable people to make more money faster. He added that knowing that one will be ‘stuck’ in a specific lane at a certain time would hopefully provide an incentive to pursue an advanced degree. While DLEA doesn’t have the answer (regarding problems involved with shortening the schedule), Kevin stated that DLEA would nevertheless like the bargaining tem to examine the possibility of shortening the schedule. Kevin suggested that since the shorter the schedule becomes the more money this will cost the district, the bargaining team could look at shortening the salary schedule over a number of years so that the district doesn’t break (financially) in one year.

Jay agreed that it would be hard to shorten the schedule in one year’s time.

Kevin stated that this is something to look at even though an answer may not be found.

Since it was nearing 8:00 a.m., discussion ended.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 2nd at 7:00 a.m. The facilitator will be Brad Thompson.

Team members agreed that the agenda for the next meeting will include DLEA’s problem statements #2 and #3 and the School Board’s problem statements #2 and #3.

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle DeFoe, recorder
2/01/05 > DLEA February Meeting Minutes
DLEA meeting minutes for February 1, 2005
Minnie H

Members present: Kevin Baumgarn, Maari Hanson, Tammy Meyer, Bev Westphal.
Dave Magnusson, Brad Thompson, Sharon Cline, Kathy Lovseth, Virginia Eisenzimmer, Jodi Lagasse, Erin Lacina, and Marilynn Tong. Tara Risinger, a student teacher, was a guest.

President Baumgarn called the meeting to order at 4:20 pm. Motion made and seconded to accept the January minutes.

Treasurers report - The checking account has a balance of $15,591.92. Dues
for two months still need to be paid when that bill arrives. The Share Account has $32.52. The Money Market Account has $1,015.72.

Building Reports:
High School - Diversity week was celebrated in January. Brad Thompson added to this celebration by
portraying different people each day.
CMS - Diversity week was also celebrated there. Exploratory Day was held
last Friday.
MH - Three staff members will be retiring this year - Linda Schwab, Russ
Pearson, and Bev Westphal.
Math night will be held later this month.
SW - They will hold a Reading Fair at the end of Reading Month.
PV - Erin Lacina was awarded North Dakota Dance Coach of the Year!! They
will hold a 3rd grade math night. Staff members from PV, SW, CMS are viewing math programs and materials.
LACTC - They are celebrating Vocational Education week.

Other Business -
Personal Day Raffle - The winner of one personal day is Nadine Gilbertson
from Prairie View. $915 was raised for Relay for Life. Thanks to everyone for their support.
Relay for Life - Anyone interested in being on the team this year should contact Sharon Cline or Jodi Lagasse.
Collaborative Bargaining - Kevin will send out an e-mail to vote on our
collaborative bargaining team. Members interested on being on the team are:
Brad Thompson, Jay Schneider, Kevin Baumgarn, and Brad Hintz. Michelle DeFoe has agreed to take minutes again.
Items of interest include: Raising base salary, Keeping our full Blue
Cross/Blue Shield benefits (There
has been some discussion on compensating those who don't take the insurance benefit.), Extra Funeral Leave
for death of immediate family members, Continuing Education reimbursement.
A 2 year Collaborative Bargaining Agreement is also being discussed.
The first meeting with the Team and Board will be on February 16 and 7:00
am. Ground rules will be discussed
at that time.
Sick Leave Bank - The committee met and has decided that the sick leave bank
option will not be opened again to allow members who did not enroll at their
original time of employment to join.

Meeting adjourned at 4:55

Next Meeting - The next meeting will be at 4:15 on Tuesday, March 1 at
Sweetwater Portable room 123 .

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Lovseth
1/04/05 > DLEA January Meeting Minutes
DLEA meeting minutes for January 4, 2005 LACTC

Members present: Kevin Baumgarn, Maari Hanson, Tammy Meyer, Sherry Boehmer, Patty Kavli, Sarah Henschel, and Marilynn Tong.

President Baumgarn called the meeting to order at 4:20 pm.

Motion made and seconded to accept the December minutes.

Treasurers report - Marilyn will sign the signature card and take over as treasurer.

We received a thank you note from Alex Warehime for the 2004 scholarship.

Building Reports:

High School - No report given.

CMS - Teresa Tande received her National Board Certification and was recognized at CMS. A student in Kevin Baumgarn's class won the Diversity Poster contest.

MH - Four teachers from Minnie H will be attending the National SFA convention in Orlando.

SW - No report.

PV - No report.

LACTC - Marla Luhring has been hired as the new health teacher and is a great addition to the staff. In February, the CTC will celebrate Vocational Week with many activities.

Other Business - Calendar - Steve Swiontek brought Kevin a copy of the proposed school calendar for next year to pass around to schools for input or comments.

Collaborative Bargaining - When should we begin? Should we go for 2 Years at a time? Discussion was held about a benefits committee. Let Kevin know about any other items to be discussed during the collaboration. A sheet will be sent out by Kevin soon.

January Activity - A hayride at Grahams Island or bowling is being set up Kevin.

Relay for Life - Raffle tickets for a personal day will be sold starting January 17. The drawing will be held at the February 1 meeting. Meeting adjourned at 4:50 Next Meeting - The next meeting will be at 4:15 on Tuesday, February 1 at Minnie H in Maari Hanson's room.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Lovseth
12/07/04 > DLEA December Meeting Minutes
Members present: Kevin Baumgarn, Kathy Lovseth, Patty Kavli, Jeanne Aasand, Marilynn Tong, Julie Dugdale, Arlen Anderson

President Baumgarn called the meeting to order at 4:15pm.. Motion made ad seconded to accept the minutes with one correction-Marilynn Tong and Julie Dugdale will serve as Co-Treasurers.

Treasurers Report-The money market account has $1,014. The checking account has a balance of $5,345. We currently have 111 members listed.

Building Reports:
High School- The high school students had a Meth presentation for staff and students.
CMS-the also had the meth presentation. Several Christmas concerts will be held this month.
MH- THere was great attendance at the Holiday Program at eh college. Staff attended the Meth presentation at SW
SW-Sweetwaters program will be on Tuesday. They held a Meth presentation for DLPS staff.
PV-no report
LACTC-The bake shop has been busy baking Christmas goodies to sell. They are interviewing for the health career instructor.

Other Business:
The raffle for one personal day to raise money for Relay for Life was approved by Steve and will be held after Christmas.
Regional Assembly-January 21, 22, 23 in St. Louis.
We are planning to have a Winter Get-Together in January or February; possible ideas include bowling or a hayride at Grahams Island.
Kevin will visit with members in January
There has been some discussion about 2 year negotiations-many schools are going to that format and NDEA is supportive of this plan. Input from staff is needed.

Meeting adjourned at 4:43pm

Next Meeting-The next meeting will be on Tuesday, December 4 at LACTC at 4:15

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Lovseth
11/18/04 > DLEA November Meeting Minutes
DLEA meeting minutes for November 18, 2004

Members present: Kevin Baumgarn, Dave Magnuson, Kathy Lovseth, Phyllis Kadrmas, Patty Kavli, Maari Hanson, Sharon Cline, Tammy Myer, Kent Dennis, Kathy Warehime, Helena Gregoire, Sis Eisenzimmer, Meribeth Lizakowski, Jodi Lagasse, Jeanne Aasand, Brad Hintz, Marilynn Tong and Sue Olson

President Baumgarn called the meeting to order at 4:15 pm. Motion made and accepted to accept the minutes as written.

Treasurer report-no report given. Mariynn Tong and Julie Dugdale will serva s co-treasures for this year. Dues have been sent to the state.

Building Report:

High School-Mr. Sowatski, from the WI BCI was at the HS and presented an internet discussion to the students adn also to the public in the evening. They have comploeted the fall testing.
CMS-Dragon Days will be held on November 19. Teachers felt very positive about the MAP test given to the 5th and 7th graders. They apprecicated the immediate results and felt the students enjoyed the computer format. Mr. Sowatski also provided information to the middle school students on what to watch out for on the internet.
PV, NH, SW-The elementary schools had a presentation by Todd Hanson about the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
MH-Assessments in grades 1-4 went well. Mr. Yellowbird, an instructor from Four Winds, gave a presentation to celebrate Native American month.
SW-Staff and students are enjoying the new books at students levels. Diane Olson, A Rigby Writing coordinator has provided professional development to the staff.
PV-Prairie View is alos enjoying the new leveled reading books. They will recieve training this winter. Many staff have been ill and there is a shortage of substitutes.
LACTC-No report available

Teacher of the Quarter: Congratulations to Phyllis Kadrmas and Dennis Flynn, teachers of the quarter.

Legistlative Issues: Steve Swionteck has met with Senator Traynor and Representative Nicholas about some of the upcoming issues and concerns-teachers comp and foundation aid; equity funding; full-day kindergarten; special ed concerns; No Child Left Behind; and property taxes.

Other Business: Kevin plans to visit schools to discuss problems or concerns with members.
The raffle for one personal day to raise money for Relay for Life will be held after Christmas.
Regional Assembly-January 21, 22, 23 in St. Louis.
Gloria Loken plans to come to visit DLPS this year.
The lawsuit lawyers have been in classrooms observing facilities and instruction.

Dave Jelloff (NDEA Representative) Dave presented Jeanne Aasand a $25.00 gift certificate and congratulations from the state for promoting and increasing membership at her school. DLEA also was acknowledged for Top Ted increased number of member contributing to PACE. Jeff plans to return to Devils Lake in December with more lefistlative information.

Meeting adjourned at 4:47pm

Next meeting-Scheduled for Tuesday, December 7 at CMS

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Lovseth
9/23/04 > DLEA September Meeting Minutes
DLEA meeting minutes for September 23, 2004

Members present: Kevin Baumgarn, Dave Magnuson, Kathy Lovseth, Jeanne Aasand, Cathy Miller, Patty Kavli, Maari Hanson, Sharon Cline, Tabitha Lang and Verna Brown.

President Baumgarn called the meeting to order at 4:15pm . Motion made and seconded to accept the minutes as written.

Treasurers report: No report given

Officers: Motion was made and seconded to cast unamimous ballots for Kevin Baumgarn-President and Dave Nagnuson-Vice President. Amy Pesek will be unable to serve as treasurer because of her new teaching position, so we are accepting nominations for treasurer.

Building Reports:

High School-no representative present
CMS-all staff are being invited to join. They will try to have the membership drive complete by September 27
PV-no representative present
MH-membership is up by one at Minnie H. The Raising Readers/Book Fair Night was a scucess, with 53% parent involvement.
SW-They maintained all previous members and added six new members. (Way to Go!)
LACTC-no representative present

Scholarship Applications: Applications are availabel on the DLEA website. We hope to give on HS adn one college scholarship this year.

Teacher of the Quarter: Nominations are due to Kevin by October 8.

ESP Membership: Discussion was held on how to get information for ESP members. Several Paras and other staff have expressed interest in becoming members. Firest year local dues would be free; we will discuss the cost for local dues for ESP members later this year.

President/Superintendant meetings: Kevin will serve as liason to meetin monthly with Mr.. Swiontek to address DLEA concerns. Discussions will include mandatory meeting times, travel time and stipend for gas reimbursement.

NDEA Convention: The convention will be held in Bismarck on OCtober 21 and 22. Registration is available online.

Meeting adjourned at 5:00

Next meeting will be determined at a later date. We plan to have Dave Jelliff, our Uniserv Director come to speak to us.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Lovseth