Tuesday, September 23rd

Dentention and Tutoring has started.  Students are welcome to attend for tutoring for extra help.

STUDENTS:  Just a reminder that you need to provide your own bottles of Ibuprofen, Tynelol or any other medication that you may need take.   All medications must be in the office.

STUDENTS:  Just a reminder, if you plan on asking an out of town guest to homecoming, you must fill out the orange guest permission sheet.  They are located in the high school office window.

STUDENTS:  There will be a DECA meeting @ 8:00 a.m. Wednesday morning at the LACTC in Mr. Bitz's room.

Creative Writing Club will meet on Wednesday @ 3:40 p.m. in room 110.  All students are welcome!!!!!!!

National Honor Society members:  The sign up sheets discussed at the meeting are posted outside room 110.  You may sign up for more than one block of time each day.

Students and Staff:  NHS will be having a "Stop for Custic Febrosis" roadblock on the corners of 4th and 4th Wednesday, Sept. 24th from 4-6 p.m. and Saturday, Sept. 27th from 10:00 -Noon.  If you are unable to donate Wednesday or Saturday, you may make a donation in room 110.  In past years NHS has raised up to $1300.00.  Please donate to this good cause.

STUDENTS:  Just a reminder, if you are wearing yoga pants or tights your tops must cover your bottom.  

STUDENTS:  This is your last warning, if you park in the visitor parking you will automatically be assigned 1 hour of detention and will be parking on the street for the remainder of the year.  We have eyes on all of you.  Thank you!!!!!!  Staff members that are in the building part-time , please let the office know if you are in the visitor's parking lot.

Activities for this week

Tuesday, Sept. 23rd:        VB vs West Fargo Sheyenne

Thursday, Sept. 24th:  CC @ East GF 1:00/1:15

VB vs Fargo Davies

Friday, Sept. 25th:  Football @ Fargo South 11:45/ 1:00

Kindness Retreat

Saturday, Sept. 26th:  Volley Ball DL Tourney (JV)


(Sept. 29th thru Oct. 4th 2014)

Mid quarter reports are due Friday, Sept. 26th and eligibility will be effictive on Oct. 1st.

You must be eligible to purchase a homecoming ticket.




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